Familiar Faces

When I was a little girl roaming the grocery store with my mom, I rarely saw people who looked like me on the cover of a magazine and if I did, it was never anything positive only crime or controversy. In our household, black media such as JET magazine were the only ones I grew up reading. That was where I began to see familiar faces.

JET Magazine 1999.

JET magazine gave beauty tips, black entertainment updates, it showed love in our community and most importantly it represented our culture as accurate as possible. It updated the community on important issues and it made see ourselves in the light of success. When I came to CSUN, I minored in Africana Studies which led me into various ethnic media outlets such as The Root where stories about people of color are written from a black perspective.

A map of the top 10 cities in California with the largest demographics of African-Americans

The Root just posted a story about the cruel decision to end DACA implemented by President Trump in which 800,000 students may face deportation. In their article, they condemn Trumps decision and use their platform to stand up for people of color facing injustices like this. Besides their outspoken stances on important issues, The Root writers always speak the truth instead of staying silent.

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