UNSC resolution on ISIS

On 20th November 2015, in the wake of multiple attacks targeting the international community at large, the UNSC adopted Resolution 2249 (2015), condemning the attacks against the people and governments of Tunisia, France, Russia and Lebanon. The resolution passed unanimously, with no opposition from the Russian or Chinese block. Support from the Russian front was expected, considering the attack on Russian planes.

Unsc resolution on ISIS — TOPRANKERS

The Security Council determined that Da’esh (ISIS and ISIL) constituted an unprecedented threat to international peace and security and called upon member states with requisite capacity to take all necessary measures to prevent and suppress its terrorist acts on territory under its control in Syria and Iraq.

It is significant to note that the SC did not merely take cognizance of the gross human rights violations committed by Da’esh but also its destruction and looting of cultural heritage. The council urged member states to intensify efforts to stem the flow of aspirant Da’esh members and to prevent and suppress the financing of terror.

The resolution had 10 preambulatory clauses, in which the Security Council affirmed its commitments to the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations, its respect for sovereignty and recognized the fact that terrorism and Da’esh in particular constituted an unprecedented threat to international peace and security (the Al-Nusrah Front and other parties associated with the Al-Qaeda were also included in the preambulatory clauses). In the clauses also was the reiteration that the situation in Syria would continue to deteriorate further in the absence of a political solution to the conflict in Syria.

There were 8 operative clauses. The following is a summary of the eight clauses, in the order they were numbered within the document itself.

1. Condemned the attacks that had occurred against the people and governments of different nations, whilst taking note of the fact that such acts could occur again. It regarded all such acts of terrorism as threats to peace and security.

2. Expressed sympathy towards the victims of the attacks mentioned previously in the document.

3. Moved on to condemn the human rights abuses and cultural looting and destruction committed by the Da’esh.

4. Reaffirmed that the perpetrators of such acts were to be held accountable.

5. Called upon the member states to take all necessary measures within their capacity, in compliance with international law (in particular the UN Charter) against Da’esh.

6. Urged Member States to intensify their efforts to stem the flow of foreign terrorist fighters to Iraq and Syria and to prevent and suppress the financing of terrorism.

7. Displayed the SC’s strategic step of updating the 1267 committee sanctions list, which is a list of entities against which economic sanctions are placed due to their proximity to terrorist causes, in order to better reflect the threat caused by Da’esh.

8. Expressed the SC’s commitment to remain actively seized of the matter.

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