Why Hiring is So Hard in Tech
Eric Elliott

The IT job market is flooded with fake resumes nowadays. To recruit real talented software developers/coder, the Most Unreliable interview pattern is ORAL, either phone/Skype or on site. I know many liars with fake resumes/experience, typically from Indian consulting companies, who recite interview questions don’t really fully understand them can still behave “quite well”. Yes, I know a super idiot who have been fired four times within 5 years are usually “Fluent” in phone interview so he can get hired every time where oral is the only interview method. You know how poor this guy is? He does not even know all classes inherit from object in C#/Java, despite he has been a “senior” .NET developer for over 6 years and there are over one hundred skill buzzwords listed under his “Brilliant” resume.

The most reliable pattern, however, is paper quiz/coding on computers or whiteboard. Poor candidates with fake resumes/experience/skills are spotted IMMEDIATELY.

Oral should only be used as supplementary resource or the last resort in IT technical interview.

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