2018 Kia Stinger GT at the 2017 NAIAS Detroit Auto Show

Kia usually isn’t the one highlighting horsepower ratings and 0 to 60 mph times, but the Stinger GT show stand really wanted us to know that it could be had with 365 hp and do the deed in 5.1 seconds, so this is a new kind of Kia we can get behind! The Stinger GT is the production version of a concept from 4 years ago featuring the kind of avant-garde swooping roofline and cut down greenhouse that Mercedes popularized with the CLS.

We weren’t necessarily expecting the turbo V6 and Brembo brakes to come along with the eye-catching styling, but we are glad they did. The only question we have is pricing and that won’t be revealed until closer to the sale date this fall.

If Kia can continue the value proposition they are known for and bring the Stinger in around the mid-$30k mark, we could start to see a lot of these in a neighborhood near you.

Originally published at TopSpeed One.

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