Review: The Staking Exchange, Pool + More

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Nov 20, 2018 · 4 min read is loaded with features so it can be a little overwhelming at first. But the staking process is easy. And the ability to TRADE them on an exchange while they STAKE is game changing.

Overview was originally a P2P Bitcoin lending platform started in 2014. The site has a rich history and a ton of features. The current UI isn’t so great, but staking is easy, profitable, and having a built in exchange is great.


Btcpop currently offers pooled staking, a faucet, and exchange for an impressive100+ POS altcoins. This is by far the most coins supported by a POS pool. TheBtcpop Altcoin Faucet is really neat as all staking fees are distributed out through it (as a marketing tool). The exchange is low volume, but you can get an order filled over time and their are big plans to implement API and drastically improve the exchange.

Fun note: you can use your POS altcoins as collateral for Bitcoin Loans


Btcpop’s Staking is all done automatically through its exchange. It is done alongside normal non proof of stake coins so using it is very similar to using any other cryptocurrency exchange. Statistics are helpful and its encouraging that all of your accounts actions are auditable on an account statement.

Fun note: You still receive stakes ( staking rewards ) even when you have your coins in an open sell order. A handy feature for long term trades.


Btcpop currently only has plans for masternodes in the future. I do think this will be an interesting feature as they plan to make tradable “masternode shares/coins” This liquidity will be a great improvement to locking up coins in a masternode.


All communication at btcpop is done through the built in chatbox. I personally enjoy this opposed to going to discord. It is also fun to see the actions pop up in the live stream as coins stake, trades happen, or lots of other user activities.


2fa is supported and no reports of theft


Done through tickets and response statistics provided from the owner are good. Before you submit a ticket, they encourage to try posting in their Forums or visit their FAQ page.

My Test of Btcpop

I have been using for staking mainly because I have such small balances (with the exception of PIVX). Btcpop was the first service to offer pooled staking that I knew of so I simply deposited my coins there and never felt the need to move them to another service.


If you don’t use a VPN all Altcoin withdrawals are done within 1 minute. If you do use a VPN or making a really large withdrawal, the maximum wait time is 1 day for manual review.


The current referral system is only for repaid loans or the altcoin faucet. The faucet referrals are good (25% of claims by referrals). The referral system is set to be redone with website recode.

Staking Fee

2% which is 50% lower than competitors.

Altcoin Faucet

Btcpop’s Altcoin faucet is a great way for small players to get started with staking coins and pooled staking. Payouts are pretty good compared to rest of faucets as well.

Closing Comments

Btcpop is great for staking now and with some improvements, I can see it becoming the top staking location on the internet. The added ability to exchange trade your staking coins as you stake them is fantastic. It’s also handy that you can borrow against them in a loan if you were in a pinch.