I like photos. Especially the one that calm me within.

I never learned any tips or tricks..never plan nor prepare, just shoot. Sometimes i wish to have a decent camera but phone will do for now.

I want to share with you some of the pictures taken across Thailand.

Feel free to use them if you wish.

Beach walk in Krabi
Savage chickens making sure that everyone hears morning wake up call
Rice farmer
Dragons(or something) in Phayao
Storm clouds over the City
Mail delivery
High rising airplane
A(drive by) picture of a photographer taking a picture of a couple.
Mountain view waterside
Mini rainbow
In the jungle. I accidentally broke one of the longer pipes. They were used to hold another wooden pipe to direct water from fall couple of meters away. I improvised and fixed it. Fun fact, its was exactly on its place as seen now two months later when i went by there.
Cat on the lookout for evening routes and hunting spots

Hope you enjoyed some of them. If you have a blog with pictures you take yourself then share if ya do not mind.

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