Yesterday we went to Garrucha for our visitor to get tobacco to take home. That didn’t take too long so we then went for a wheel along the promenade. Ray in his manual wheelchair with my hubby helping as and when needed, me in my electric chair. Ray has learned to grab hold of my chair when he either needs a bit of help on a slope or when his knackered shoulder needs a rest. So we make quite a sight “ripples on tour" lol. We get even more looks if he’s wearing his stumpies.

We got to the end of the promenade and as the pavement is then intermittent decided time to turn round. Normally for me this is a spin on a sixpence (oops showing my age there 😂😂😂) but I had my “hanger on “so had to do a wide circle, not a problem as the promenade is so wide. There were a couple of peeps sat on a bench watching us and smiling, I surmised they were Brit’s, they were very white 😄😄, but they didn’t answer when I spoke.

We then went to other end of Garrucha around 1.5 miles, I so love my electric chair it means hubby not having to push me all the way. He only had to push Ray at times cause he was showing off, I think, by doing it himself. He was being stupid really as his shoulder problem will only get worse and he will be having to take more and more morphine, but he won’t listen.

It was a nice leisurely wheel as we were watching the tugs bring in one of the large ships to be loaded with sand. Also talking about the various beautiful flowers, I always notice the little things, it helps keep me grounded.

It was then lunch time so we went to one of the chiringitos on edge of beach. The English couple I had seen were sat at one of the tables and we sat on the next one. She started up conversation. They are thinking of buying a property. He wants to buy in Spain, somewhere inland so they can integrate with the Spanish, she’s thinking France would be better as she learnt French in school. My first thought was this will never happen till you are both singing from same sheet, like so many couples these days they didn’t seem to talk to each other about things. I expect it didn’t help that she thought he was boring.

During this time he went to use the toilet and was telling his wife to take care as they weren’t very accessible cause there were 2 steps. Stop here if you think I’m being picky, but they had just walked a fair distance and I’ve no idea where they were staying, Garrucha, like most coastal towns is very hilly! So why would she need to take care getting into the loose, I’ve done it all be it with bit of help from hubby.

This led to him saying how good the disability facilities are in the UK compared to Spain. Strangely he didn’t like 3 of us disagreeing, I know only 2 of us were in ♿ but my hubby has been “pushing me around for years lol". He was saying that all new business make provision for the disabled, so I told him to go try getting around town I used to live in in a ♿ and where to park and get ♿ out on lift, when lift would land on speed hump they put right in middle of disabled space.

I do wish peeps would shut up on topics they no nothing about. It was the same on our last trip to UK. We booked a car to collect at the airport and as always chose one that would cope with ♿ , luggage and that I could get into. Years of experience coming into play. We get to the airport and being UK it’s cold and rainy. Call in at carhire place to be told the car we asked for wasn’t available but they had a Fiat 500x. Hubby and I in stereo say, a Fiat 500 isn’t big enough. This one is it’s been on Viagra we were told. Only we hadn’t seen British TV adverts. “we have chosen this cause it’ll be better for you and your ♿ ”. So hubby gets sent off to collect it and is told where to park. By the time he gets back to collect me it’s raining quite heavily, so it’s a quick dash over to the car. Then the fun begins, trying to get ♿, 1 medium size case and a hand luggage bag in. It must have taken half an hour to get it all in so we could actually shut all the doors and see out back window. It was also meant to be a 5 seater, only if the back seat passengers were skinny models with legs like Ray 😵😵.

Having been using a ♿ for over 20 yrs I get surprised still at some things we come across that we still have to think how to do, but we have a reasonable idea of what will or won’t work, and am so amazed at how many experts design things that will never do what they are meant to.

Which leads to another story about a timeshare resort which had apartments designed for the disabled by an expert, we were asked for our opinion even after being warned we are often brutaly honest. Good start I could get ♿ in the lift and through the door. The salesman was very impressed with the door entry system, you couldn’t reach it from the ♿, nor if you weren’t “normal height" nor if you couldn’t lift your arms and as for sight problems. When asked if the expert was disabled “no but he was an expert". There are a lot of armchair experts in this world or is it just me who thinks this.

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