Tanning Arowana

Tanning is one of the tricks to stimulate color arowana get out, generally if Aro do size 35 cm up. Techniques to provide a special irradiation by placing lights in front of the aquarium, so that direct contact with the scales aro so pigmented. lamps are commonly used lamps with UV A & B spectrum high intensity and with 10,000 kelvin — 16,000 kelvins.

Usually done using 30wt — 40wt lights, hanging a large aquarium.

Tools used to perform tanning obvious: in addition to the sun (direct sunlight)

# Type of home

1. Submerged underwater — Submersible lights brand: nan, oceanfree, dragon, etc. dagenbao.

2. OT — can be placed on-side aquarium brand: LIFETECH, JEBO, Boyu etc.

# This type of lamp: UV

1. plant growth (PG): 6000–8500 kelvin (color tends to red)

2. actinic blue (AB): 10000–22000 kelvin (color tends to be blue) brand: TFC, hagen, sylvania, Arcadia, Toshiba, Hitachi, Dagenbao, Resun, philips etc.

# Position lamps or tanning area commonly used

Single area tanning: tanning area can be from the hood top or from the side of the aquarium glass aquarium (stick). Double area tanning: tanning area of the side glass and the top of the aquarium


- Preferably a full tanning after 25cm size up, waiting for Aro mentally unstable

- Usually the fans aro using a combination between PG & actinic light blue with a ratio of 2: 1 eg: PG 40 watt AB: 20 watts.

- Tanning longest 12-hour time.

- Do not use regular white TL, aro usually easy to stress

  • Good lighting can make a PG glass mossy
  • For the specification of lights

- Type casing could not be her when dipped in water:

  1. Submersible ie casing / lights that can be placed in water.
  2. 2. Non Submersible ie casing that can only be placed outside the water, and for casing / reflector can buy that manufacturers and made ​​their own.

- Lights can be distinguished by Watt, Kelvin, lumens and Type Lamp (TL / T8, T5 HO, OT etc).

- Type Lamp, for the selection can be based in advance of the desired reply Lamp Type, availability in Market Around, and the casing.

- Kelvin: Color temperature, which is the dominant color spectrum emitted by a lamp other than the other colors of the spectrum produced by the lamp who jg TSB, when light enters from air into the water at a water depth of 60 cm, all of the light emitted spectrum which can be distributed.

Example : colored lights Yellow = 2700 K, 4700K = colored pink / red, white = 6500K, 10000K = bluish white,> = 10000K blue.

- Lumens: The intensity of light that is emitted per 1 square meter, usually for different wattage lumens is not much different, but will go up significantly in the aquarium when added lumensnya number of lights.

- So for Viewing the lights just to be on the order of election the following analogy:

1. Type Aro. Jg tp depends tastes images / smilies / 011.gif.

2. size aquarium. of this size there will be an indispensable watt size and number of lights.

3. Type the desired reply lights and brand.

4. Casing / reflector which in want.

Thank you for reading Tanning Arowana, good luck and hopefully useful.

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