Technology updates


What if you were told that there is something upgrading in the tech world, but you knew that fact already. Will it not make you proud? Yes! It will. Keeping yourself updated in this field is a necessary evil. This is an article which will make you so much proud on self.


Technology is something which is said to be a necessary part of our daily life. From the first moment of our day, to the last moment we are not just surrounded by gadgets, they are a part of us. We will always be among them because we have been so much dependent on them. You don’t believe me? Just look around, you will find all the objects around you which are gadgets. Here are some tech updates which will be helpful for you.

1. Samsung Note 8

The 8th edition of the Note series is going to rock the world of gadgets. The new Samsung product ios including so many new features that you will be under the fit to buy it.

2. Nikon Camera for Sale

Nikon D850 camera is all set to go on sale this September. It is said that from 7th of September it can go on sale any day. But what do you think of its first impression.

3. I-phone mobile

According to sources, this September will see a lot of change in the Apple world. I-phone is going to launch three new handsets, i-phone 8, 7s and 7s plus. These will be making a boom in the market and they are a must watch. It is not just one country’s men that are waiting for this but everyone wants to see the changes.

4. Gear watch is Independent now

The i-phone users can now buy the all new i-watch which will be in stores at the end of this month. This watch is not like the other watches and this time the buyers can use it independent of the watch.

5. Oreo is a market boomer

Android is also keeping the neck to neck competition with the other OS providers. It has recently launched android 8 which is only named behind another eating product which is Oreo. This time android has not just checked on its user friendly nature but also the fancy showcase. It will be really good to watch and still the reviews cannot make it clear about what they want to group it in.

6. A11 to hit the market

There is nothing to get scared off. A11 is not any kind of a bomb or something. It is another OS which you find in the i-phones. With i-phone releasing 3 new phones it is also releasing their 11th version of their operating system. It is said that there are lots and lots of feature changed in this OS. But let’s just wait with our fingers crossed that whatever we get this time will be out of the box. Atleast, they are saying so.

These are some news which you should be knowing and yes it is well said, if you want to reach somewhere you will have to at least start your journey.

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