By: Elijah Hunter | March 27th, 2017

Mercedes Benz X-Class: Mercedes’ First Ever Pickup

Are you a do it yourself-er? Do commercial hauling, an outdoors-man, but the American made pickup trucks don’t have enough “class”? Mercedes has answered your prayers!

Mercedes Benz X-Class


The X-Class is set to go on sale some-time this year under the Mercedes Van division. Well… that is… only if you live in: Europe, Australia, Latin America, & South Africa. So maybe your prayers weren’t answered entirely.

In October, Mercedes debut off the X-Class concept in two editions: “powerful adventurer” taller with off-road wheels, winch & fender flares. The other “stylish explorer” a more clean, sleeker looking one without the add-ons. Mercedes came out with these two models because it plans to market to: “urban lifestyle or family vehicle, & also as a truck for contractors, farmers, & off-roaders” -autoblog. The X-Class is built on the same platform as the Nissan NP300 Navara, who’s alliance partner company, Renault, also has a version of called the NP300 Alaskan. All 3 vehicles will be built in the same Nissan factory in Barcelona, Spain & a Renault factory in Cordoba, Argentina.

Mercedes Benz X-Class (White Interior)

What Does It Have?

Not too many specs are available, however, Mercedes said the X-Class will have a: old school, ladder-type frame, riding on its 4-Matic drive-train, powered by a Mercedes turbocharged V6 diesel engine, different than first reported said to be powered by Nissan’s 4-cylinder engine. If brought to the US, the compact pickup trucks’ competitors will be: Chevy Colorado, RAM 1500, Honda Ridgeline, & the GMC Canyon, to name a few.

Can I Buy One?

How likely is the X-Class to come to the USA? Not likely at all… At least, no time soon. “Daimler, parent company of Mercedes, chief executive Dieter Zetsche reiterated this week that the midsize Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup truck is unlikely to be sold in the United States.” (-autoblog) In a statement when asked by Autoblog about it, Zetshe said “… we do not see the US market as a relevant market or a suitable market for that truck.” That being said, this proves another theory the better vehicles are in other parts of the world.

What Does This All Mean?

Looks like us Americans will have to stick to American Muscle, minus the luxury. Mercedes has been pretty silent about the price too, despite it’s near future release date, but some experts estimate between 55,000 and 80,000 Australian dollars, or between $39,000 and $57,000 USD at then-current exchange rates.

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Mercedes Benz X-Class
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