How to make an unknown IP and hide yours?

Now a days when youth wants to see something unusual,or when some confidential industries wanna track something which is out of the course..The hiding IP is a main challenge for them.. when we click on a link..that database has recorded our IP address.and when they click on and put that IP they can easily find out where that came from.. So to remove the tension of exploding original IP ,you can hide your IP address easily with 3 Single steps.

First of all go to google and type- Hide my IP,u will find several options,always choose the best..As i recommended —
click on that..a new page will open. Download it.. you have two options there,Either you can download a free trial version,which is for 14Days,or you could buy it. 
After downloading run the programme.. it will take 2–3 mins to install. You will see a desktop icon of hide my ip..or take your mouse position to the right bottom corner,and click on the menu bar,and open hide my ip. After opening it you will see your original IP address first..Then click Hide my IP,it will take automatically a numerous one. If you want to assure your self,open a new window and type —, they will show your new IP.

Ta-Da… its done…

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