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TikTok is getting more popular every day among teens | Photo by Amanda Vick

TikTok Vs. The U.S.

You may hear about TikTok, a Chinese video-sharing mobile app with countless fans in Gen Z. As it got more popular among U.S. teens, the rumours about its espionage started to raise.

And now, it has been a few days that The House voted to ban TikTok for all the federal employees.

But why? What is the actual reason? Is there any proof that China spying on the U.S? From my knowledge and searching most of the online resources, the answer is No!

Recently, TikTok announced they would hire 10,000 more employees over the next three years in the U.S …

First, Pay Tribute to the Colonel

Around 70 years ago, Colonel Sanders started to sell Kentucky chickens in his roadside restaurant. But no one could predict that in the next years, more than 22,000 of KFC branches will be selling Colonel Fried Chickens worldwide.

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In his last 20 years, no one saw him without a white suit in the public

Right now, Yum! Brands co is the owner of KFC and Pizza Hut.

KFC and Competitive Market

Like other brands, KFC is required effective brand image in different media to grow its popularity and help the awareness. …

Part 1: Fun, Fun Everywhere!

Remember when you were only 20 years old. You were full of energy, passion and ambition, didn’t you?

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Photo by Elle Hughes

When you were younger, all the world was summarize into your city, your friends and funny moments with them. But most of the time, things don’t go as we expect them to go. And you faced your first break up with your partner, friends or even your family.

Almost all the people experience love and relationships during their life. You may had a few girlfriends/boyfriends and your relationship didn’t end so well. Yes, you were young and looked for a perfect person, but the more you searched for her/him, the less you find. …

Sadegh Torabian

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