How We Changed the Facebook Friends Icon
Caitlin Winner

“she was not in a position to lean in.”

I am all for putting the women on equal footing with the men, or even putting them in front. Absolutely. I applaud you for noticing this, and rectifying it. I would love to see more gendered things throughout our lives be placed into greater balance, or even to see more instances of women being put first, and men second.
That said, pardon my language, but fuck leaning in. How about instead of women learning to “lean in” to compete with the obnoxious, self-important, masculine habit of bullshitting our way through things, how about instead, we pressure men into “leaning back” or “leaning out”? How about instead of women having to adopt masculine modes, we force men to stop being pricks, and to drop those masculine modes which make everything a pissing contest for dominance, instead learning to use more humility, modesty, and politeness when interacting with others?

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