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How to Write Emails Like a CEO

TL;DR: Too long; didn’t read.

There are many things CEOs care about, but arguably one of the most important things is their time

King of the jungle, tall and proud.
My luxurious mane, soft and sound.
Warrior preparing for battle.
Hear my roar, mighty and loud.

Mediocrity, chains of mindless cattle.
Better to die than follow the crowd.
I stand ready; they dumbfound.
Blink of an eye, their world crumbles.

Flight of the lone to the Alone
Watch me as I stand my ground.

Our Against-The-Odds Acceptance Into Y Combinator

It was 1:53 am on December 7th, nearly eight weeks after the October 14th application deadline for Y Combinator’s Winter 2015 batch.

I’m Live-Tweeting My Facebook Ad Campaign

At Kuhcoon we eat our own dog food. All of our paid media growth is driven by our own product. I wanted a way to show advertisers how awesome our…

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Product Hunt Was Our Launch Day Rocket Fuel

The Product Hunt team is onto something special. Any founder who launches a product on the site would know. Dozens of examples stick out where…

Facebook Advertising Tips For Early Stage Startups

Early stage startups have very limited resources. Time is spent building, iterating, testing, and shipping your first minimum viable…


rain rain go away / all in the Bay want to play / stuck inside all day

Creating Your First Pinterest Ad Campaign

“Promoted Pins”

For the past 8 months Kuhcoon has been working closely with the Pinterest Promoted Pins team to experiment…

Advertising On The Internet Doesn’t Need To Be A Nightmare

Advertising on the Internet is a nightmare. I learned this the hard way working with thousands of advertisers from around the world and after analyzing millions of dollars in digital ad spend. Different paid media channels require different strategies, tools, expectations, and most of all: time.

From Scranton To Silicon Valley

I grew up in a small town called Moosic right outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Scranton is best known for NBC’s hit show The Office, a show that…

Berg- It’s All Good

It’s all good, it’s alright (2X)

The highly anticipated first song from Keep It Movin’ Productions artist Berg, off his debut mixtape The Rise Of…