Sep 12, 2015 · 1 min read

The abbreviation PERMA is the a term from positive psychology developed by Marin Saligman. The five letters stand for five elements central for our psychological well-being. By fostering the skills that enhance the PERMA elements one can significantly improve his / her life happiness.

P (Positive Emotion). Any positive emotions will do, including peace, curiosity, gratitude, satisfaction, pleasure, inspiration, hope…

E (Engagement). Find something you enjoy doing and let it saturate your entire being, while allowing you to move at the speed of light through reality.

R (Positive Relationship). While some of us are more social than others there is no doubt that it would be nearly impossible to live in a social vacuum. Having positive relationships in our life helps us keep focused and productive.

M (Meaning). This element boils down to doing something bigger than ourselves by serving others, pursuing religious enlightenment, or anything leading up to betterment of the world.

A (Accomplishment). Achieving a goal by accomplishing something worth the time and the effort makes us be happier.

With all that I really hope that your life as well as mine will become more PERMAlicious.

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