Tracy S. Maxwell
Jul 19, 2016 · 2 min read

When Parents Sabotage Their On Children Opportunities

I’m always taken back each year when I see parents sabotage their own children’s opportunities to become successful. Isn’t our ultimate goal is to place our kids in better positions than ours ?

Sometimes we must as caring adults realize our own limits. I know~ We as parents feel we have all of the answers and in reality we don’t!

As a parent who help my own Son navigate through high school ultimately receiving a full basketball scholarship and making a mistake which could have changed his whole life trajectory ~ I thought I knew it all.

However I quickly learn that scholarships at any level are competitive and based on sound relationships through communication with coaches. Without those relationships you are diminishing opportunities for your student-athlete.

Parents who understand it takes a collective effort from everyone to see your child’s success normally have good results. Now it may not be where we as parents think they should be~ however Isn’t the Ultimate Goal is for them to further their education FREE if possible ? Or are you one of those parents who think your child is the next NFL, MLB or NBA superstar? Your Money Ticket!

Remember even those stars have a team surrounding them! So when you have the opportunity and see people are trying to assist you in seeing your Child~Student-athlete be successful tell them thank you and you appreciate their help.

Stop sabotaging opportunities IT TRULY TAKES A VILLAGE! The true measure of your success will be when they leave home~ Will they prepared for the real world when you’re not around? Trust the process!


Tracy S. Maxwell

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U.S Army Veteran, Author & Youth Tactical Strategist