“ When You’re Finally In Love”

Through life there’s an evolution of Love. As a young person the puppy love crushes came and went, the middle-school loves were actually filled with silly giggles. Transitional pimple faces along with the explosion of hormones erupting seem like mini volcanos in the body in those pre-high school years. Then there was the high school, this is person I’m going to marry Love, leading to virginity lost and teen pregnancy. Only to end up with a promise unfilled.

The constant search, the evolutional search to find “The One.”

Throughout this search the ups and downs, the heartbreaks there continued to burn a fire to find “The One”.

It has taken half of a century to find the “One” who completes my journey . The “One” who completes my sentences as I articulated my thoughts, The “One” who gives encouraging words when I wasn’t confident in my own abilities despite displaying a harden outer surface, the

“One” who’s simple touch and smell sends me to a uphoria never experienced before.

In finding “The One” it also scared me tremendously. You see through all of your journey to find “The One” you unknowingly develop walls, barriers and stumbling blocks forge through your past travels . These blocks unknowingly led to deteriorating the very “Love” search for!

My undying love became not enough and the very thing searched for was push away!

So honor it when you have it, nuture it like a beautiful flower that will eternally bloom in your heart~ For once your Beautiful Sweet Spirit of love falters “The One”. It’s so hard to get it back.

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