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Jun 16, 2018 · 9 min read

Building the right BLOCKCHAIN architecture when it goes MAINSTREAM!

What if blockchain will go full “mainstream”? Is the crypto world ready for integration allowing enterprises to have business ready transactions? This is where Dispatch Labs comes in, which is to build the right architecture to make sure the blockchain will be adopted readily by the business world. Dispatch is the first blockchain protocol to leverage on-chain smart contracts to manage distributed storage of application data off-chain. The smart contracts “program” how data can be accessed, governed and linked, like a traditional SaaS-based centralized architecture.

The exciting part is Dispatch enables business ready applications to easily migrate to blockchain without sacrificing speed or functionality. By moving to the distributed architecture of blockchain, these business applications become much less susceptible to hacking or security breaches and cheaper to deploy and manage.


Dispatch is a fundamental evolution in blockchain technology. The Dispatch protocol is a new chain built with 3 core principals in mind:

1.Dispatch is backwards-compatible with Ethereum smart-contracts and the EVM: By using a modified version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine to Dispatch Virtual Machine (DVM), the Dispatch protocol is compatible with most Dapps currently under development. DVM will enable Dapp developers to build data-intensive business logic into smart-contracts.

2.Dispatch is scalable: Dispatch’s new consensus algorithm (DAPoS) Delegated Asynchronous Proof-of-Stake, DAPoS achieves high transaction throughput, with no transaction fees will make the usability of Dapps much more practical for businesses.

3.Dispatch handles lots of data: Most business logic involves data too big to fit in a shared ledger. Dispatch extends the functionality of Ethereum smart-contracts to support handling and accessing big off-chain data while allowing custom properties per Dapp.

The Dispatch network is a combination of innovative technologies combined with the best existing distributed systems protocols. The Dispatch Network allows smooth interactions between parties on and off-chain. Dispatch handles transactions in the shared ledger, and data or artifacts in the DAN (Dispatch Artifact Network). The DAN operates on a number of protocols like Kademlia DHT for Artifact discovery, Proof-of Replication (PoRep) to resist Sybil attacks, Proof-of-Retrievability (PoR) to ensure availability of Artifacts, and Make-it-Happen (MiH) protocol for efficient transfers of Artifacts.

Dispatch platform is actually designed to be a strong disruptive force in the crypto world but the Teams philosophy is to believe in responsible disruption. As a platform, Dispatch will enable a huge range of new DApps focused on real world usage, with the capacity for mass adoption. Content Delivery Networks, streaming services, peer-to-peer marketplaces, and big data analytics are just a few of the use cases which will now be able to transition to blockchain with Dispatch.

Dispatch is both a decentralized network where Dapp developers or individuals can sell, distribute, or store files, content, information, and data; and a framework for future data intensive computational applications.

Dispatch Labs is a registered California company based out of the Mission district of San Francisco. The team is a balanced blend of entrepreneurs, academics, business development, and technologists.

Matt McGraw — Chief Executive Officer

Matt is an entrepreneur & CEO with expertise in quickly scaling successful businesses. After leading and shepherding a versatile range of tech companies, Matt’s current focus is on technologies that disrupt hierarchies and disseminate control of secure information to data users, ranging from individuals to enterprise clients. His innate design thinking focus complements a belief that good corporate governance and culture make success possible.

Zane Witherspoon — Chief Technology Officer

Zane is an experienced blockchain architect, and distributed systems specialist. He is firmly entrenched as an expert in the blockchain world, sitting on the board of advisors for four California based blockchain companies, and an author in the space. His ceaseless pursuit to build something at the bleeding edge of what is currently possible makes Zane an invaluable leader on the Dispatch tech team.

Diane Blattner Kresal — Chief of Staff

With a focus on building resilient, organized and adaptive systems within smaller companies, Diane brings over 20 years of operations and project management experience to Dispatch Labs. With a diversity of leadership roles from marketing to publishing to tech consulting, and an MBA from the University of San Francisco, her operational savvy is essential to the Dispatch and Bureau teams.

Patrik Wijkstrom—Chief Operating Officer

With over two decades of application development, process re-engineering, sales, marketing and team building, Patrik is an invaluable member of the Dispatch team. His peerless tech acumen is complemented by a deeper why, helping the people around him to grow, and a fundamental drive to leave the world a better place than he found it.

Ivan Goldensohn—Chief Marketing Officer

Ivan brings an international background and cross-industry marketing and business development experience. Ivan spent five years in video game marketing, launching multiple titles on several platforms and managing titles responsible for over 100m in regional revenue. Before moving to blockchain he spent several years doing

Dispatch Labs is advised by some of the greatest minds in the blockchain ecosystem, and the strategic partnerships extended our credibility into both the blockchain and traditional business ecosystems.

As Dispatch is the architecture enabling a new ecosystem, it is the goal of the Dispatch team to create and support the development of that ecosystem. This support and development will focus in three main areas: Education, Community, and Financial Support. As such, our roadmap will address not just technical development, but the additional ecosystem support needed for Dispatch to thrive.

As of the time this Medium post was published, DISPATCH currently has a low Marketing presence so far on Telegram with 5,084 members, their Twitter has 2,067 followers, Facebook with 1,718 followers and they have a Discord around 948 members which is primarily caters to developers. Check out also their Instagram and Youtube channel.

Zane Witherspoon (Dispatch Labs CTO) speaking on a Panel at CryptoBlockCon 2018:

Matt McGraw (Founder & CEO of The Bureau & Dispatch Labs) short talk:

Dispatch Labs CMO, Ivan Goldensohn explains Dispatch in a an interview:

Dispatch Testnet Alpha

Last May 21, Dispatch was able to successfully launched their first live Dispatch Testnet Alpha in which you can experience it for yourself. They even developed a starter Wallet UI so you can play around with your test ‘patches’. (link)


● Dispatch Labs have created their own consensus algorithm called Delegated Asynchronous Proof-of-Stake (DAPoS) which can achieve high throughput and low costs make the usability of Dapps much more practical for businesses.
● Based on their Dev Team they have already achieved up to 107,000 transaction per second on an ideal environment. They allow Atomic Swaps, No transaction fees, has Turing Complete Smart-Contracts, Compatible with Solidity and they have Off-chain Data Storage compared with predecessors like Etherium, EOS, NEM, NEO, Stellar, Dragonchain, Filecoin and Sia.
● Dispatch Labs has assembled a powerhouse well balanced Core Team coming from academics, business development, enterprises and blockchain tech. They also have a wide range Advisors coming from ConsenSys, Bancor, SingularDTV, Cronos,Wi-Fi Alliance, RootProject and The Bureau.
● They have already been featured in prominent media channels like Forbes, INC, Hufflington Post, Enterpreneur, Crypto Coin News, NuWire Investor and The Next Web.
● They have a wholistic approach on their roadmap not only addressing the technical development but creating a new ecosystem to support education, shepherd the development of the community and fund & incubate external projects which will benefit the overall ecosystem.
● They already have a working TESTNET Alpha and develop a starter Wallet and their Mainnet will launch on Q3 2018.

● They have a lot of competition right now in the blockchain industry claiming to achieve high-performance scaling from 100K to 1M TPS. Earlier competitors in the blockchain based business integration such as Morpheus Labs, Unibright and Sophia TX.
● Their hardcap is rather high with roughly $40 Million USD and pretty large total token supply of 25 Billion. Other coins have prevailed such as Siacoin which has 35B supply with a Market cap of $448 Million while Stellar has a huge 104B supply with a Market cap of $4.3 Billion. Also, they have not yet release their token distribution, private sale bonuses and token sale schedule.
● Dispatch has not really generated a huge HYPE right now and their Marketing presence is quite low thought they have multitudes of media channels and quite a number of press coverages.
● They have not yet disclose their strategic Industry Partners, Tie-ups and Institutional Investors.

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