‘JAWS’ was Steven Spielberg’s first ever feature length film when it was released in 1975, based on Peter Benchley’s novel; his debut film would earn the film 470.7 million in the box-office. But how did the film ‘JAWS’ become a cultural, historical and an aesthetically significant film in history. Well I am going to do a critic on this film as this film is a pop culture icon that has stood the test of time, why is that; well………………….

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Why you should see Jaws; The film is based on the best selling Horror novel written by Peter Benchley; this makes the film very interesting as it is a film adaptation of a great story, at times films that do novels justice do well on their opening weekend. because its based on an adaptation of a great story. Let’s look at this film from a narrative perspective and see why this film works.

Generally, movie trailers show a sneak peak of what the film is like; however, the ‘JAWS” trailer cleverly only reveals two points on the three act structure, a bit of the beginning and some of the middle, but never showing the end; or in the sense of the dramatic structure, the conflict, rising action and the climax, but no exposition, falling action and resolution.

After watching the film’s trailer, beginning with an under water tracking shot to simulate the swimming like movements of the main villain (which is the shark) before it fades to the first victim. This shows the conflict; the conflict continues throughout the trailer until it hits the climax of the film before the trailer ends, this makes the viewer want to watch this film. The trailer ends with the haunting “See it; before you go Swimming”.

You will get to witness one of the most famous scenes in the film. It is the second shark attack sequence aka ‘Get out of the Water’ scene. This scene is the main sequence that supports the rising action of the story as in this particular scene we see the main Character Martin Brody witnessing a Shark Attack just 10ft from the beach, when he sees the second victim being dragged down to the depths of the ocean, a great piece of cinematography occurs, the camera moves out as the it zooms on Brody’s face creating one of the best reaction shots ever captured. Also they also did some underwater cinematography which created a very personal perspective shot of the shark (like the opening shot in the trailer).

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In terms of the overall plot of the film; the film did justice to the original novel, after all the novel’s author Peter Benchley did co write the screenplay for the film. However, with the assistance of the author to write the movie, a lot of the details were modified to both fit in to the preferred timestamp (duration) and the film’s budget. Anyway here are the reasons why you should see this film………………

· Is because it is the first film in film history to crack the 100-million-dollar box office mark in rentals.

· The Story itself its compelling as it follows both the three act structure and Freytag Pyramid structure, crossing between horror and thriller that makes you want to watch it right to the end.

· Now in this century is a popular culture icon in the filmic world

· And lastly it shows some of the most ground breaking underwater cinematography.

I end this critic with what I have summed up, it’s a compelling story that follows three protagonists finding, planning and killing the antagonist.

I rate ‘JAWS’ as a surprisingly cinematic master piece:)

By Mitchell Thorburn