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Torex crypto trading platform has recently developed a blog section where you can read cryptocurrency related articles, Torex crypto trading tutorials and a crypto glossary.

If you wish to learn more about the arbitrage trading with cryptocurrencies vs. traditional foreign currencies and the Arbitrage Tool developed by Torex, you are welcome to read the Torex blog article at

Torex Implemented Coinsbit Exchange to the Crypto Trading Tools

Coinsbit crypto exchange was added to Torex crypto trading platform
Coinsbit crypto exchange was added to Torex crypto trading platform

Dear Traders,

We are happy to announce, that we have successfully added Coinsbit exchange to our crypto trading platform.

Trade with us, use our trading&analytical tools.
Stay tuned, and follow our upcoming events on 🚀

Trading start on Coinsbit 14 May 2020 at 11:00 GMT ⏱

Torex.One Crypto Arbitrage Tool
Torex.One Crypto Arbitrage Tool

🔰 Torex Functionality Guide: Arbitrage Tool

Crypto arbitrage is a crypto trading technique used with the intention of profiting from an imbalance in price of the same coins on different crypto exchanges.

The Torex.One crypto trading platform developed an Arbitrage Tool that can be taken into consideration by crypto traders.

💡 How to search for crypto arbitrage windows with Torex.One Arbitrage Tool:

1. Choose at least two exchanges. Currently the tool supports the Binance, Bittrex, BKEX, Crex24, Huobi, Poloniex, Bitfinex and KuCoin crypto exchanges. More exchanges will be added in the near future.

2. Set the value in the field “Filter orders on minimum daily volume” — it is necessary to exclude from the analysis those tokens with insignificant trading volumes and, subsequently, low liquidity. The value is set in the BTC equivalent. …

TOREX token has already been listed on Exchange is a multi-functional crypto trading platform. Exchanging coins and analytical tools are all in one place, where users can trade, gain experience and share their trading strategies.
A universal blockchain platform for trading, which will enable users to acquire and implement various trading strategies and use analytical tools for effective cryptocurrency trading, including cryptocurrency betting and copy trading.

TOR Token at CoinMarketCap:

Total emission: 100,000,000 TOR.



You are welcome to visit and join Torex Telegram via

Crypto Arbitrage Exchanges Could Become the Future of Crypto Trading

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Since Bitcoin launched, thousands of others have been brought into existence. Globally, a market cap of cryptocurrencies within the first three months of 2020 is ranging from around $81 to $195 billion, with BTC price ranging from around $4,100 to $10,457, according to CoinMarketCap. Bitcoin still accounts for around 65% of the total market.


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A limit order is a good option for cryptocurrency trading for beginners. This way of trading gives you more control over your assets and allows to save money on fees, unlike a market order.

With limit order you can buy or sell your crypto assets only when the price on the market reaches certain price. The price is set buy you, so you can risks of loses because of sudden market fluctuation. The advantage of a limit order is an ability to sell or buy higher or lower than the current market price. However it might take time for a price to reach the determined level or opposite, the price might raise or fall so rapidly, that the trade will be executed with lower profit level, than it could be in case of higher limits. …

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How to start cryptocurrency trading? Market order might be an answer. It allows you to buy or sell crypto assets instantly — once the order is placed on the exchange, the deal will be executed with the best price available on the market. As far as market orders are executed the same moment they were placed on the order book, the exchange charges fees. Market orders are used in situations when speed is more important than price, thus newby traders should use this function carefully due to fees and immediate execution of the deal. …

API crypto trading with Torex.One trading platform.
API crypto trading with Torex.One trading platform.

Torex.One is a cryptocurrency trading platform that combines all the necessary tools for efficient trading. Though the capabilities of the platform were designed to match high standards of professional and experienced traders, the easy-to-understand interface makes Torex.One suitable for beginners as well. In the series of posts we will introduce platform’s features and give basic instructions on how to use them. Let’s begin with API connection — what it is and how to use it on Torex.

In a nutshell, Application Programming Interfaces (API) is a technology allowing to connect different databases located on different servers. In our case API gets the necessary information from crypto exchanges and displays it on Torex Dashboard. Why wouldn’t you go directly to the exchange? Some crypto currency traders work with several exchanges at the same time, so to monitor the situation on each of them trader has to switch between different interfaces, which can greatly reduce his reaction on market fluctuation. Thanks to API connection, Torex trading platform combines all chosen crypto exchanges’ info in one place, making trader’s work way more convenient and efficient. …

It’s crucial for all crypto traders to keep up to date with cryptocurrency price fluctuations for different coins on several exchanges in order to find a trading opportunity. But checking all the price fluctuations is quite time and labour consuming, if it’s done manually. That’s why Torex came up with a solution — Price Notification tool.

If the rise or fall to a certain point of the interested coin price is what you are looking for, but unable to spend all your time looking at the screen, our Price Notification tool might come in handy. You can select one or several currency pairs — for example, LTC/BTC, BNB/BTC, and EOS/ETH. After you manually set a target price for each of the coin, the platform will send you a notification through Torex price notification bot (via Telegram) when the price hits the target. …

What is arbitrage trading? Besicaly, it’s a practise of making profit out of the price difference between two or more coins. Since the crypto market is still very young, it doesn’t have an efficient mechanism of price discovery. Prices on each exchange fluctuate independently from other platforms. As a result, the exchange rate within the same currency pair can differ by 10% or more between two exchanges.

This is known as an arbitrage window, and it’s a profitable trading opportunity. What you need is a cryptocurrency arbitrage bot to find such windows, so that you can quickly buy an asset on one exchange and sell on another. …



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