YouTubing REALTOR?

What type of work do you need to put in to create videos and pursue mastery in selling houses?

My name is Torey (some call me “T”) and I help urbanites (like yourself), who are interested in buying and selling real estate; connect the dot’s between the stuff have have already seen online or their past experiences, to what they actually need to know in today’s real estate markets in order to accomplish their goals…

Most people do not see this combination much. Let me tell you why:

It is really really hard. Lets think about the moving parts here: Equipment, editing, internet connection, weather, people, business, time, storytelling, cinematography, distribution, etc.

Now, I know it is really to just read those words, but actually handling each part multiple times a week can be a full time job even though this is only 30% of my business according to my business plan. I figured I would chat to you guys roughly about how tough it is to make videos while growing a real estate business. Luckily for me, I understand why I am the only one in the area going about this strategy.

WHY DO I DO THESE VIDEOS? To take a step back, I endure the pressure of making these videos consistently because I am passionate about connecting with people in person and via social media. I feel so strongly about my convictions regarding where I feel the industry is heading that I do what it takes to make it work.

WHAT SEPARATES ME FROM OTHER REALTORS? Frankly being a real estate agent has its fair share of competition. What makes me different is a couple things; I take action and I have the grit to do what it takes to achieve my goal of selling 2,000 units in the year of 2026.

BUT VIDEO MAKING SEEMS SO EASY? Not at all. I underestimated this too so I actually feel the pain. You watch a 30 second or 10 minute video and think “wow, I can do that”. Frankly speaking though, that video comes at a large expense of time, effort, and money. Time is an issue because a video can take me anywhere from an hour to 8 hours to film, edit, and distribute. That is either 8 hours you are not spending selling houses or 8 hours added onto my day. Which do you think I choose? Now once I commit the time, I need to commit the brainpower to making a dream become a reality. Literally. I bring an idea to finished product regardless of what comes in my way and do everything in my power to post on time for the world and my own schedule (those are not the same). Lastly, once you wrap your head around troubleshooting, creativity, and storytelling, you need to deal with the cost of the technology (which is not cheap). I don’t know about you, but I always need something, so more money is always needed to make my end video product better. Honestly, the easiest thing about videos is watching them. That is what I like.

IS THERE A SECRET BULLET? Why do people keep asking me that? No, the way my videos are produced are time consuming and hard work. There is nothing wrong with trying to go to the most efficient route, but video making for anyone, and especially realtor’s, is insanely tough work. I just grind through by hoping my videos can educate you and make you a better person and make better real estate decisions.

How are you making your videos?

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