In the Moment

“I can’t believe I ate that last night.”

“Why didn’t I start last month?”

“What was I thinking going through the drive thru for lunch?”

“Um these jeans fit me 2 months ago…”

“How did I get here?”

Have you ever caught yourself thinking thoughts like these?

Maybe this morning?

Maybe last Monday morning?

Oh, wait, that was a holiday, so maybe last Tuesday morning?

The first day of this month?

January 1st, 2016?

January 1st, 2015?

…are you closer to your goals today?


You cannot change what’s already happened.

You cannot go back and choose differently.

But you CAN look at this moment you’re standing in (sitting in?) and make one critical choice:

Your effort.

We need to forgive ourselves {for our past choices and actions} and move on.

No, let me try that again.

We need to forgive ourselves and move forward.

The past is the past, no matter how much you feel ashamed, guilty, frustrated, etc.

It happened. It’s over.

Let it be over.

Move forward.

Make new choices.

Think of who you DO want to be.

The BEST version of you.

What’s she look like? What does she wear? How do people feel when she walks into a room? How does SHE feel when she walks into a room full of people?

Every second of every day is a new opportunity to take strides toward your goal.

You can choose right now to give this workout every last ounce of effort, as my new Nike tank says: “till there’s nothing left.”

You can choose to get up right now, turn off the reality tv, and push play on a workout.

You can choose to pass by those donuts and pick up your delicious breakfast you brought to work with you because you prepared yourself to stay on track.

You can choose to create new habits, to buy healthier foods at the grocery store, to learn more about what good nutrition is, to drink more water and cut out the soda…

Yeah, it’ll be hard. But it’s your choice. And it gets easier the more you do choose the healthier route. Some moments will be harder than others, but, hey, guess what, hard does not mean impossible.

So. Tell Negative Nancy in your mind to sit down and shut up, shift your focus on to your GOALS instead of your past, tell yourself you’re capable of anything and more powerful than you know (it might feel like a lie at first but I promise it’s true), and give this moment everything you’ve got. Just this one. Don’t allow yourself to focus on how far you have to go or past failures or anything other than this moment right here. Give this current moment all you’ve got.

For your goals.

For your sanity.

For your happiness.

For your empowerment.

For you.

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