Red UX Design Capstone Project Idea

So…last night while frantically Googling UX design project ideas and “what is terrible about Toronto”, my roommate mentioned how she had just learned of an outdoor farmer’s market in a park down the street from our apartment she wanted to visit. I began thinking how could we have not realized there was some much desired greenspace right down the street from us?

I began doing research on greenspace access in Toronto and discovered several articles relating to inequal access to greenspace among different nieghborhoods in the city. I also was learning more about the relationship between mental health and being outdoors. I know I enjoy wandering amidst the nature from time to time, but find it difficult to locate somewhere close to my work/home where I can do that.

For my capstone project I’d like to explore how to create better opportunities for people to interact with greenspaces and how mental health affects that relationship with nature.

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