Tree. A Story of Gender and Power in Theatre.

In the studio in South Africa.
The first ever reading of the first draft of TREE at Green Door’s offices - our friends and friends of friends came out in force (for free) to read for us and support this initial stage of the project.
Sarah, Tori, our original musical director - the incredible Aaron James Williams (also not informed about the project moving forward) and Sharon D Clarke at our Hackney Empire workshop.
A sizzle created from the Dominion Theatre workshop of Tree.
Impossible Dance by Tori, Sarah and Aaron, sung by Tori.
Just after our sharing at The Dominion. Tori and Sarah with Idris and Tristan Waterson, who starred.
Image via @k_kweiarmah on @instagram
Thank you for listening. Love, Tori and Sarah. ❤

Tori and Sarah — Co-Creators of ‘Burn Bright’.

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Let’s collaborate to drive positive change for female writers in theatre. — Sarah Henley and Tori Allen-Martin

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