How To Create A Visual Brand Identity

There are tons and tons of pieces to the big ol’ branding puzzle, but the most talked about one, is your brands visual identity.

Having a solid (and consistent) visual identity for your blog or business is a great way to set yourself up for success from the start.

You’ve probably heard ALL about your brand visual identity, but I’m gonna break it down some more in this post.

What is a brands visual identity?

Your brands visual identity are the things that make up your brand that people see, like a logo, website, unique patterns, fonts, and a whole lot more too!

Why is it so important to have a visual identity for your brand?

It’s less important to just have a visual identity than it is to have a consistent visual identity for your brand. Being consistent helps people build trust and recognition with your brand.

Your visual brand is the first thing that people see, whether it is the logo on the header of your website, the on-brand font you used to make that quote image or the color that you posted on your Instagram. People see it, and they associate it with your brand.

Finding your ideal client.

I say this in almost every blog post, but find your ideal client and your brand will follow. Once you know who you’re targeting, choosing the visuals that will appeal to them is the easy part! When you find your ideal client, it will make it easier to identify the colors, fonts and kind of messaging that you should use in your brand to attract them.

Choosing your colors

Once you have nailed down who your ideal client is, you can start choosing colors that will attract them and trigger an emotion in them to associate with your business.

If you’re not sure what colors to use, there are a few ways to figure it out:

  • ASK. GO find your ideal clients wherever it is that they hang out, and ask them what sort of things they would expect to see from X brand. This helps you get a baseline of what to start with, and you can make it your own.
  • Look up some info on the psychology of color. This will help you choose the emotion that you want to evoke in your potential clients. There are some great resources online that help you discover what colors trigger what emotions and what people feel when they see a certain color.

Fonts, Fonts, Fonts

Choosing fonts can take weeks if you let it. There are so many choices, and more and more are added each day! So here are some guidelines that I like to stick with:

  • Start by choosing the type of font you like (serif, sans serif, script, hand lettered) and only look in those certain types of fonts. You will still have a ton to choose from, but you can start narrowing it down more and more by things like font boldness, letter height, etc.
  • Don’t forget what your biz is! I have seen so many businesses forgetting who they are targeting or choosing a font that does not compliment their business what-so-ever.

Patterns, Textures

Choosing patterns and textures for your brand is so much fun! You can use patterns for pricing sheets, social media and in random places around your website.

Patterns and/textures add a special level of uniqueness to your brand and help with aiding that brand recognition that we are always striving for!

Putting it all together.

Putting all of your fonts/colors/patterns together should end up resulting in a kickass logo and the start to a cohesive brand.

Once you have these foundational building blocks set up, your brand will come effortlessly to you, especially since you won’t have to re-invent the wheel every time it comes to creating a new image for social media, or posting a new freebie!

If you DIYed your visual brand, what was your FAVORITE part of it? Tell me in the comments. And as always, I would love to have you share your stories in my free FaceBook Group, The Up Leveling Entrepreneur.