How To Navigate FaceBook Groups As An Introvert

Facebook Groups are overwhelming as hell even if you aren’t an Introvert. If you are, they can make you go into total shut down and overwhelm mode.

I’ve gotten all of my business from Facebook Groups (and word of mouth referrals from those clients)

So as an introvert myself, how do I not get bogged down by the constant high-energy that is Facebook Groups?

I follow these few simple guidelines for navigating Facebook Groups.

Less is more

When it comes to being in Groups, the less Groups that you are highly engaged in, the better. I am in 5 groups and I am extremely active, I post on the wall often, I comment on daily threads and I answer questions when my expertise is called upon. I highly recommend starting out in 2 groups, learning their rhythms, get the hang of it and then introduce more groups if you need to. When you introduce yourself make sure that you are telling people about yourself, I always start with my name, that I am a mom of two boys, and that I am INFP personality type, and all of the other INFP’s come out of the woodwork to connect with me as well.

What to post

So being that Facebook Groups are so high energy all the time, participating in all of the threads and keeping up with the comments can drain you, at least it does for me. If I have spent a day in Facebook Groups, the wrong way, I totally shut down in my business for a few days and it takes a long time to recuperate. A great way to post in Facebook Groups on the daily prompt posts, are to post something free, that you link to a page on your website in exchange for their email. Super easy, and hands off for you, so you don’t have to be scheduling consult calls, and whatever else. I then set up my sales funnel to be linked to that free thing that they opted in for, and I can sell over and over again, while only typing out those high energy emails once.

I use convert kit to set up my funnel. You can learn more about ConvertKit by heading here.

How often to post

So you know what to post, but how often do you post and participate? Every. Single. Day. Sounds exhausting right? It totally can be, but once you get the rhythm of it, it can be very easy. When you finally get familiar with the groups, the times that they post as well as what days are what, you can remember to show up there. For example, if you know that Group X posts every day at 9am, make a point to post on there at 9am, and disable notifications from the post and make sure you check back later if you usually get overwhelmed at the flood of comments following you. Once you get into the habit of posting, checking back later, and responding to everything, it becomes second nature to be in Facebook Groups.

Know when to take a step back

If you are starting to feel overwhelmed, than I suggest taking a step back. If you seem like you are getting no where with your posts, a great idea would be to look at what you are posting and commenting on, Is is only the promotion days? Because that will get you nowhere. Which brings me to my next point.

What days you should absolutely be posting on

Surprisingly, its not only the promo days! Promo days can be the most overwhelming days, and your content barely even gets seen! I have gotten most of my clients from collaboration threads telling them that I am looking for a guest poster, or something of the nature, it gets new eyes on my content, and people end up wanting to work with me on a collaborative side, but also to hire me. (win, win, win).

If you want to join a kick-ass FaceBook Group, you can join me in mine, The Upleveling Entrepreneur.