How to sign high end clients in your business

Let’s go back two years in my business, I was charging $300 for a web design, I had no. fucking. idea. what I was doing when it came to my business. I wasn’t myself and I sure as hell wasn’t living my best life. I was stressed out, I had unhappy clients, and I was unhappy as well, and was no-where near charging my worth or signing high end clients.

Fast forward another year, I am charging significantly more money for my services and making way more but I am still working a TON of hours. Still kind of shitty, and not a high end client in sight still.

Fast forward one more year and I am working less, making more money than the first two years combined and only working with the best clients that LOVE my work and WANT to pay high ticket to work with me.

So what changed for me? How did I take my business from total dud that was running me, to thriving business?

First off, it didn’t happen overnight. It can be super discouraging when you see someone pop up seemingly out of no-where, as a successful business owner. That’s not how it works. Usually these people, have been working their behinds off and finally just figured out what worked and things took off. That’s why in this post I am going to share with you how I transitioned to working for pennies to signing high end clients.

Update your branding.

Not just changed my branding, but perfected it. I thought about who my ideal client was. Ya know, those people who were going to pay me ACTUAL money to work on their business and I needed to know what they wanted. They wanted to see someone like them. Someone who was high end, my portfolio needed to look high end and everything about my business needed to do the same. Before re-branding, my business was more fun, quirky and lifestyle-ish, using watercolor, bubbly fonts and not being very clear in my messaging. Which brings me to my next point.

Nail down your message.

I am a total believer that your words have so much impact and changing my messaging really solidified that thought for me. Before I was attracting low budget clients who didn’t value my work. Clients who would try and nickel and dime every single item in my packages. I realized that I was using words such as start-up, beginner, newbie, mini. Those people don’t (usually) have the budget for higher priced packages, so they most definitely don’t see the value in the services I provide. I started changing my messaging to using words such as, up-level, high end and premium.

Know your shit.

Okay, so this one should be a given, right? If you don’t know your shit, you are not going to be able to sell those high end clients. Or, better yet, even if you know your shit, are you sharing it? Nobody is going to know about you if you don’t get out there and get visible. Always strive to get better when it comes to your business. Share about how you do what you do, why you do it, and why you are the best. If you aren’t the best, start working on your weak areas and mastering the things that you are good at, and the high end clients will come.

Create insane value.

I got it really wrong in the start of my business. I wasn’t proposing value, instead I was only sharing about what my skills were. People wanted me, they wanted to know what I could do for them and how I could make their business easier/faster/better/more profitable and the list goes on. When I started focusing on the value that I created, thew high end clients started flooding in. They realixes that I could help them up-level their business and take things off their hand so that they can have more time and freedom and whatever else they wanted.

I hope you learned a thing or two from this post. If you would like to see more content like this, head over to my free FaceBook Group, The Up-Leveling Entrepreneur. Shares are also always appreciated.