Everything will be right, like life, everything will flow unstoppable and end up where it had to. We can struggle to bend rivers and suffer to feel them flow. Only to find down stream that the struggle and the suffering was at most a necessary part of it.

I don’t believe it is written, I don’t believe in fate as a rule book by which all things happen. But I believe we are who we decide to be, and nothing external, no one out there can change us an inch. Only ourselves.

Don’t fear yourself, don’t hide from whoever you are, embrace and learn to love each side of you, look at yourselves straight to the face and understand them. All of them, the ones that make sense and the ones that fight each other.

Only then can you decide what things you are willing to do, what rivers need bending, and how much suffering you are willing to go through before saying enough.

I will be here to walk with you, as far or as close as you need me to be. I would love to follow you all the way, to where your river ends and blends into the sea, however that looks or takes. I need you too.

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