I am not a lampshade.
Marisa Kabas

I totally get that people are pissed about Trump because he is a brainless dweeb, and he and his supporters say anything in their heads to get a reaction. Trumpsters live off their ignorance, and bait people for fun. So what if they don’t want to believe facts? Does this surprise you anymore than their dismissal of global warming, racism, or police brutality? What I don’t get is people who make this big deal whenever the Holocaust is dissed, as if Jews are the only ones ever to be a target of genocide. Yet these same people seem ignorant or dismissive of the current and ongoing attempted eradication of Native Americans; people who live in poverty, who lack services or in some areas clean sources of water (unless it’s carted in), who have lived for decades in humiliation for their sin of being “savages”. I would think anyone aware of the brutality of genocide would be doing all they could to bring awareness to our social neglect, our media blackout of issues. Trumpsters want to live in ignorance, while many Native Americans simply lack the resources and access to obtain a proper education. Instead of fixating on the haters and baiters, look to the present. Don’t even give Trump followers the time of day.

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