You’re Not Meant To Do What You Love. You’re Meant To Do What You’re Good At.
Brianna Wiest

what a load of utter rubbish. you sound like a republican apologist, trying to convince the common man (and women) to settle for what they have and not aspire to anything more, because you feel they don’t have a talent for it. who made you the all seeing guru? talent comes with practice, and practice comes with years of doing something you never wanted to do for a living but got “stuck” with because of social stigma, lack of resources and opportunity.

perhaps instead of encouraging people to settle for what they can do at the moment, you encourage them to try, to succeed? how many of those people you thought could never make past manual laborer took that one good idea and struck pay dirt? how many people helped you to succeed by listening and giving you a chance? pay it forward.

write an article on how to become a writer, jot down what it really takes to succeed. take your success and give back to those who lack confidence. let people who just might have the potential to succeed, despite your negativity, decide for themselves what they are also capable of and good at.

yes, the world does need more happy garbage men, clerical workers, fast food peons, and the like. but until they are paid a decent living wage, you are asking them to settle for a life of drudgery for little reward and less respect. or maybe you cant deal with the competition if they did succeed?

instead of shoving “not yet ready to become” writers, artists, business men and inventors in a basket labelled “settle for what you are good at”, allow them to be happy being what they can be because they dared to dream.

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