The Mascot for Internet Shade: Meme Edition

So I think the first thing we need to address is the pronunciation of the term “Meme”. According to BBC the correct way is “Meem” not “Mee Mee” or “May May”.

Meme’s according to Lifewire are cultural symbols and social ideas that spread virally, primarily with the intent to either make people laugh or to make fun of others. The aspect of a meme is infectious in nature. Their inviting for people to spread them on social media platforms, email, and even private messaging simply because of their relatable or funny content.

So here I am put with the task to find an interesting meme that has been remixed extensively (It wasn’t hard), here’s my result:

Evil Kermit

Source: Google Images

When looking at the Google images page after I typed “Evil Kermit” into the search bar I could see that it has gained over three million and eight hundred thousand images, popular to say the least.

So where did the wonderful Evil Kermit originate from? In 2014 the musical comedy film the Muppets Most Wanted was released, in which the character Kermit is confronted by his look-a-like Constantine dressed in a black cloak (Pictured above).

Fast forward to 2016 and the Twitter user @aaannnnyyyyaaaa tweeted the below picture with the caption “Me: Sees a fluffy dog, Me to Me: Steal him”. Within 10 days the tweet gained over twenty two thousand retweets and thirty one thousand likes.

The caption is funny in a sarcastic way and totally relatable because duh, who doesn’t love dogs.

The virality continued to grow as more and more people began to use the same image but adding their own spin to it. Within each of us lives a constant battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness, good and evil, our best impulses struggling against our worst desires, and what better way to capture this piece of cultural art than the Evil Kermit meme.

Source: Google Trends

Evil Kermit reached it’s peak back in November of 2016. I included the Google images trend chart above. Although it’s popularity has died down Evil Kermit is still very much relevant in our everyday lives when we have to decide between the best choice and sometimes the very tempting other option.

Here’s some of the most famous Evil Kermit memes according to cosmopolitan, as well as my own remake.

Source: Cosmopolitan
Source: Cosmopolitan
Source: Cosmopolitan

My Remake:

Source: Myself &
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