Routinely: an iPhone and iWatch paper prototype

HCDE 498 A1


Routinely allows you to quickly generate routines and groups of tasks. View your routines in a card style layout and swipe through your tasks with the ability to mark each task as a success, or failure. Tasks have an optional time limit that acts as a count down timer when presented in the card view. After a routine is completed, you can view the analytics on the tasks in order to make improvements or changes. This ability makes Routinely perfect for recording and following through with work out plans, or non-fitness related activities. Routines are synced to iCloud and are available on the iWatch for easy access while working out, or on the go.


After performing user testing of the paper prototype it was clear that some sort of tutorial was needed in order for the user to understand how to interact with the user interface. Ultimately the user testers had an easier time understanding the interaction after watching the video and then performing a walk through of the paper prototype. The current swipe and pinch gestures are based off the Clear app. Although the testers struggled at first with the interactions they were able to navigate quickly and easily though the app after being shown once how to use the gestures. Based off this discovery the user of a tutorial in the app would be very beneficial.

Moving forward I have very quickly implemented the skeleton of the iOS app and will publish the app for free after the UI is fine-tuned and the app has been bug tested.