Be Gone Obama — Glad To See You Go!

Glad To See You Go Obama!

I sat back that evening in 2008 and smiled. Something that I and legions of others thought would not have happened, happened in our lifetime. The day before, I wore a familiar outfit, jeans, sneakers, hoodie, and a black tee from City of Gods. On the front was a gold colored image of Barack Obama, I was a proud supporter. I had never done that before. Never had I wore a tee shirt for a Presidential candidate nor have I done so since. Matter of fact, I almost started a business that year that I intended to name Chair68. A motivational offering that would have reinforced the required combination of circumstances, connections, hard work, resources, and support of others. Another story.

I smiled again in November 2012 and yet again in November 2016. I sure did. This past November may have actually been the biggest smile. Honestly, I was happy that Obama’s term and service was drawing to an end. Smiled because he and his beautiful family would soon be out of office, the White House, and the direct fire of hatred in our post racial America. And tonight, President Obama will deliver that farewell address sure to touch the emotions of millions as they tune in. And then they’ll be the naysayers and trolls that can’t help themselves. They too will tune and spread their digital nectar meant to devalue the accomplishments, contributions, history, and persona just one more time.

This crowd will undoubtedly talk about his attire, his mannerisms and his stride. Lodge assaults against his intellect, word choice, and delivery as such will be categorized as elitist (again). They’ll even find fault in his kind words, referring to them no less, his policies, his promises, and economy in 2020. Yes 2020 will be blamed on Obama. Don’t fret, they’ll mention his birth certificate, religion, emails, his not hers, and the vacations his family took. And before they bundle all of this in the “unbecoming and signs of a weak leader” category, they’ll draw ire in current gas prices, unemployment percentage, or small business growth because somehow he abandoned us years ago. Not even enough room for me to mention Affordable Healthcare Act, weak support of HBCU funding, geo politics, or that he gave a care about beergate and Trayvon Martin.

I’m glad he’s leaving but for different reasons. I’m glad to know he and his family will see a decrease in death threats and people with malice jumping fences and damn near riding elevators within the White House. Clear definition of uninvited guests. Farewell Obama because it became obvious in January 2009, that you had already lost the support of the Senate that plotted against you during your inauguration. I mean that, not the economy or job creation, was their number one priority, so how could you have possibly thought governing would be collaborative. Now that I think about it, I recall parents even pulling their children out of school, angry that educators were allowing their classrooms to watch the inauguration. There was no way they were going to let their children see that, but of course the marching band from Talledega College had better high step in DC or miss out on a host of future opportunities.

I’m glad to see you go because frankly, I’m tired of watching you calmly deal with racial cartoon caricatures, gross disrespect by Governors on the tarmac, outbursts during your state of the union address, and past candidates that prefer Russian leaders on horseback, shirtless. A sure sign of toughness. You remember the one candidate that could see Russia from their backyard. Yeah that one. Not the one that has current financial dealings with regime. Sure, I definitely wish you would have done more legislatively around funding for HBCU’s, prosecuting blatant police misconduct, demilitarizing our cities to name a few. But at what cost. At some point it’s just best to go. Not that I encourage quitting — just the opposite. But let’s face it, your job here is done.

I’m glad to see you go out with a 57% approval rating. Lower than Clinton and Reagan, but higher than the average. Farewell Obama, I’m glad to see you go. Let the moving company box up the belongings, the memories, and hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles that are unredeemable. Don’t take any of the dishes, flatware, portraits, and other items as they’ll be better placed in history. Certainly don’t need to add to their parting shots around “the angry black man.” Perhaps they’ve already prepared a place in the National Museum of African American History and Culture. I hope so. Leave behind their pettiness and vitriol, and focus more on how you drop the next note in life. You’re young and vibrant with so much to give and I’m glad you gave even after your credit card was denied at that one political convention. That giving did more for many and what will most be remembered.

Farewell Obama, glad to see you go!


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