The Best Things, Incomplete (2016)

Fresh flannel sheets

and lying naked in them

like the world’s largest, most bed-like pajamas.

Being right when everyone tells you you’re wrong.

Discovering 8 years late that your first teenage crush

was crushing on you too

way back when.

Cheese. All of it.

The love and devotion of a dog.

Asshole friends. Note: this is better if you, too, are an asshole.

That part of your (rare) salon visit

when they wash your hair for you

and it’s basically a luke-warm scalp massage

from a woman with fantastic nails.

Lobster — as a food, as an object, as a concept.

Drinking in movie theaters.

When that song you forgot you love comes on

and your body is already moving to it

before recognition settles in.


Hearing “I love you” from someone for the first time.

Saying “I love you” back and knowing you actually mean it.

Being able to continue saying it, meaning it, and hearing it -

all with someone you respect and regularly do horrible things with

that you can’t discuss in public.

Nic Cage.

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