Being born a southern, Baptist girl in a small town; one didn’t have a lot of cultural diversity. So, there’s no surprise why Grey intrigued her so. His tanned skin and dark features mesmerized her.

From that day outside the coffee shop, they were inseparable. She fell for him so fast and so fully in that short amount of time; it worried her family. Him coming from an Islamic background, he didn’t tell his parents about Blu. Her coming from a Christian background, her parents didn’t like him. None of this bothered Blu, but she headed her mother’s words and didnt tell Blu how she felt about him.

It was two months into their relationship when he disclosed to her that he was virgin. And that he wanted her to be his first. Being a well versed person in art of physical contact, Blu hadn’t first believed him. She was told that lie again and again, but since he seemed sincere about it she didn’t voice her doubts. This segment is their first time…

“Parents are gone for the week, wanna come over?” the text read. Grey had been waiting what seemed like forever to read those words. Blu was hinting at for quite some time; and if you knew anything about Blu you’d know her hints are as subtle as a shotgun. So, needless to say he knew it was coming. “Sure! Be there soon.” Giddy with anticipation he stopped at the gas station outside her house and walked out with three boxes, cus hey you gotta be prepared!

Grey drove up and the whole house is lit. All the lights were on and from outside he could hear laughter. Her laughter. Grinning, he called her.

“Hello?” She sounded breathless and he could hear the smile in her voice. “Hey, you! I’m outside,” he was at the door by then. He peered through the glass and saw her sitting on her kitchen island; with her phone to her ear and a goofy grin on her face.

“Okay! I’m coming!” She squealed and jumped off the counter. She walked swiftly to the door — my God the way she walked. He thought she looked like a model on a runway, she was so confident. She was so bold. She was opening the door.

The party was in full swing. Four other girls were there; boozin’ and having a few laughs. Blu grabbed Grey’s hand and yanked him inside. She held her finger to his lips to keep him quiet, then lead the way upstairs with him in tow.

Once inside, it got… awkward. She turned to face him after locking the door. He was standing there, in the middle of the room. His body language screamed uncomfortable until he met her gaze. The jolt rippled through them, anticipation weighed heavily in the air. They stayed that way for a moment, until it had gotten unbearable. She released the breath she was holding and reached out the same time he did. They met in the middle and clashed bodies. It was a sloppy mess to say the least. Tongues locked, hands restless, her attempts to take off his clothes were failing, and Grey — well, he was trying to keep hers on. “This is all new to me, slow down.”

He had grabbed her by the hips, pivoted and threw her onto the bed behind him. She landed on her stomach, and he landed on her. He held her hands in place, as he kissed her lower back. Grey knew he was driving her crazy, and even more so as he moved up her spine. “Do you feel it? The tingle going down your spine every time our eyes meet? I do.” She was whispering words that went straight to his head like alcohol. She set a fire in the pit of his stomach, her moans lit the match. He was bitting her ear when she started pulling slightly to get free. He laughed at the small que and kept going.

Blu started pulling much more forcefully, giggling at the show of dominance. He let her up and she turned around. God, her lips are so swollen and red from my kisses, he thought. He bent towards her.

Oh my god, I’m gonna rip him apart, she thought. She reached toward him and… head butted his nose.

She saw black and blue lights behind her lids and felt something hot on her stomach. Blu looked up and saw Grey looking dazed, blood dripping down his chin and neck.

“Who’s first time is it, again?” He asked her, grinning. The look of straight horror was adorable on her face, and he bent to kiss her. She recoiled from the blood — understandable. He kissed her cheek instead and went to wash it off.

I’ll never forget that night. The memory of our first time still makes me laugh. Grey and I are still friends through everything and we’ve discussed this night several times.

Even though things didn’t work out, he taught me so much. He showed me a different world, a more beautiful world. I wrote this story so that way I can always remember our relationship. I also wrote it to talk about this relationship to others.

No matter your religion, upbringing, race or age; you can’t fight against loving someone. So, fall in love with that person and don’t let them go. Don’t let differences get in the way of the love that heals you body and soul. Don’t ruin the chances to experience the happiness most people never find in this life.

I was going to tell you the end of this story. But maybe, you remembering the beauty of love this way, would be better.