He pulled another knot from the pit of her stomach just as he went over the edge. Their sweaty foreheads resting against each other; their arms locked tight as the waves of passion slowly eased. Here, in this rundown motel, they created a small utopia for themselves. Still inside her, he shifted his body so he was on his back. He then shifted her body to mold against his. Her exquisite body. She let her leg fall between his and he watched that simple action. Her lean figure called to him in a way that set fire to his bones. Her muscles showed strength, power and grace. Her soft skin beckoned for his touch. Too tired to stir for a fifth session he opted instead to trace the grooves and planes on her back. His scorching touch raised goosebumps…and a soft smile on his lips.

She always thought he stored the sun in his hands, and in his smile. His smile made her heart sing and flutter. Like the wings of a hummingbird, or a butterfly. She smiled at the thought, and closed her eyes; relaxing into the sun.

He felt her get slightly heavier, knowing she would fall asleep soon. “Let me up for a second, I’m going to get ready for bed.” Her mind raced with at least ten different naughty responses to say but instead of voicing one of them, she simply obeyed.

He left the room, but the scent of him was on her skin; inside her. Tomorrow his scent would flow through her pores, as if marking her as his. She fell asleep giggling at the thought.

Blu woke up from the haze; tears soaked the pillow, heart heavy with loss. It’s been months since that last night at the hotel. Before he got his own place, before she learned how life was truly unfair, before she realized that for some: Christianity and Islam weren’t just religion but separation. Before everything went wrong.