The first time Blu looked into Grey’s eyes, she knew she’d fall in love with him. He was handsome, in a cocky way. His head held high while he walked, his gait long and confident. Blu was sitting with her friends, being the social butterfly that she was. She was laughing with one of her friends when she felt a something calling to her. Still smiling wide, she looked up and there he was; walking down the aisle her chair was facing. Their eyes met and instantly she felt electricity move down her spine. Her grin slowly faded into an inviting smile, she didn’t know what was happening but she liked it. And Grey saw it, felt her answering call.

He kept walking, confused by what just happened. Entering the coffee shop where his friends waited for him, he hesitated. Grey’s friends spotted in the doorway and waved to him; but he held up his hand. Making his decision he turned on his heel and walked back. He had to see her again, her long brown hair and those dark eyes that spoke of… something. Something sad, but that’s the thing about sadness. People who are truly sad can see it in others, no matter how hard they try to hide it.

He rounded back and there she was. People were surrounding her, captivated by her beauty and charm. She was turned to the side, talking to another girl right when he walked up. He pulled the empty chair across from her slightly back, making the scraping of wood against tile sound.

Confused, Blu looked at the leg of the chair, to the hand on the back of it, followed it up to the eyes staring down at her. Those eyes, that electric jolt down her spine. Her own eyes weighed down slightly, her full lips parted into a smile.

“Mind if I sit here?” He asked, his voice sending heat over her skin. “Sure,” she grinned and nudged the chair towards him with her foot.

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