The Right Swipe to Love or Religious Debates…

Joshua Owen is my boyfriend,a curly headed, fiery personality, caring and most affectionate human being I have ever met. Joshua and I met on the incredible, if its really that incredible, world of tinder. Still to this day I am not quite sure why Josh was on tinder, but I know for a fact that I was on there as part of peer pressure from a best friend. Some people get so taken back when they ask where I met my partner, I tell them, and they are in a state of shock…. well they asked didn’t they?!

Joshua and I (Outdoor Cinemas, January 2017)

In every relationship, lets be honest, you are going to argue, disagree, fight and will most likely cry (which I do a lot of). Josh and I come from very different cultural backgrounds which lead to very different up bringings. My father and mother were both born in Australia, but they both come from strict European families, Dad being Croatian and Mum being Maltese, they expect their two girls, myself and my sister Emily, to follow the rules they set, understandable. Josh is Australian, who his parents are to die for, two of the most amazing people I have ever met. His parents are both funny, smart, outgoing, caring and two of the best people you would kill to have in your life.

Coming from a fairly large European family…. religion. is. everything. I am going to be honest here, we do not go to church every Sunday but we are still expected to follow Catholic religion and practice of what is expected. I am a 21 year old female, female’s dream about their wedding day from the day they realise what a wedding is and what it involves. I had already had my heart broken from two previous relationships, and I can see where this may have come up to a bit too much on the third or fourth date, but I needed to know whether Josh was on the same page as myself in regards to being married and having a family of his own. His answer was on point. He did want to be married and have a family of his own, and then he mentioned one little detail…. “I would love to get married on the beach though”… hold your horses buddy, this is where we may have a problem, my poor religious grandmother, will not approve of a sandy and salty wedding day. You know those buildings with multiple seats, stain glass windows of the life of Jesus and crucifix waiting for you at the end of the aisle? Yeah… thats where I have to say “I do”.

Josh on Carnival Spirit, January 2017

As time went on, I seemed to realise that we don’t have a lover of religion in my hands. Christmas rolled around and the whole family was attending Christmas Eve mass, the whole family… but Josh. Which was totally fine, but at the same time, something inside me was saying “please just tolerate it and come for me”. I couldn’t can't grasp the idea as to why he was hating on attending church, it was something he did for 13 years of his life as he attended both a Catholic primary school and high school. I think, is it the reason that he went to a high school that was male dominated and was run by Catholic brothers? Is it the path of life that Catholic’s choose to follow that he can’t agree with? What is it Joshua? What really is it, considering you were baptised Catholic? It will forever be a mystery… one that I haven’t quite solved… yet. And unfortunately, that’s what we debate on, a lot. Maybe I will just give up…

This may be the issue of online dating, Tinder, were we met each other in October 2015, it has become a social media platform were randoms make an account to hook up with other random’s all based on your location. When signing up to the notorious app, it automatically hooks your new Tinder account to your Facebook account, unless your Facebook account let’s all your friends know about your religious beliefs and what you do and don’t agree on, then you will never know about the person you are speaking to on the other end. Is this where we are socially heading? A world were we sit down and swipe left and right to people who we find pretty damn attractive and people who you wouldn’t want to be seen with, and have absolutely no clue who or what these people are?!
I have plenty of friend’s who have met their partners on Tinder, one is engaged to her Tinder love. I will give props to the app because I have witnessed some pretty incredible relationships come out of it, just like mine. 
Starting to use Tinder, I seemed to know nothing about Josh, nothing at all, I liked the fact that he had long curly hair so I swiped right, and then we got talking. Maybe Tinder did get it right, in a world we live in today online chat rooms are one of the world’s most on going development. A development that allow’s online users to be able to fall for one another with just a touch of a send button. Online conversations then lead to Facebook friends, private Facebook messages, exchanging of numbers then finally a face-to-face meeting. It still puzzles me as to how did it go all so right?

Clearly looking over the moon here… Josh’s 21st October 2016

I know just because it worked out for me, I understand it won’t work out for everyone. Giving Tinder a go was a blessing in disguise for me, it gave me the right person. The person who I do absolutely everything with, a person who adapted to my family so well, a person who is adored by everyone. I am a strong believer that people come into your life for a reason. Josh, even though, at the time, I wasn’t ready for you and I was thinking that I would rather spend my Saturday night’s in a nightclub getting hit on by random, awkward strangers, I am glad you changed that whole perspective for me, you kept me safe from that situation and saved me a whole lot of money from club entries and alcohol. So, thanks Tinder, for giving me my partner in crime, besides the fact that he doesn’t follow the footsteps of Jesus, when I think about it, a lot of the people I know don’t, you have given me my someone who I love so much, someone I cherish, and my partner for life.

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