The (Rediscovered) Bucket List

The to-do list that’s becoming a done-it list

Rummaging through my online archives today I found a Bucket List that I wrote in 2010, just before I turned 30. I then promptly forgot about it. But looking through the list I realised that I had inadvertently achieved some of my ‘to-dos’ over the past five years without being a slave to the list.

Below I’ve highlighted the things I can now score through as DONE-IT!, and added amendments for Bucket List v2 (2015); this will probably also be forgotten about until 2020, when I reach 40. Gah!

Bucket List v1 (2010)

  1. Learn to speak French (Aug 2015 edit: I’ve signed up to an evening class… )
  2. Create a website (June 2011:
  3. Cycle to the summit of a HC Tour de France climb
  4. Visit Scandinavia
  5. Go on a yoga retreat
  6. Follow in Rob Penn’s wheel tread and have a dream custom bike built.
  7. Go whale watching by sea kayak in Alaska/Canada
  8. Have a book published (see #13)
  9. Go to a big music festival
  10. Climb to the summit of Snowdonia (Aug 2015 edit: I tried in April 2013, but heavy snowfall scuppered the attempt), Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike
  11. Learn the art of fly fishing
  12. Make a patchwork quilt
  13. Write somebody’s biography (Aug 2015 edit: I’m veering towards a memoir instead now, but I’ve done nowt of interest in my life!)
  14. Produce my own honey
  15. Walk the entire South West Coast Path (Aug 2015 edit: two-thirds complete; I’ve now also walked the Tour De Mont Blanc (2013) and part of the GR10 (2014) and added the West Highland Way to my long distance walks list for 2015/16)
  16. Attend a PRIDE event (July 2012)
  17. Watch the summer Olympics live
  18. Climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro (Aug 2015 edit: a bit cliche, but I still want to do it)
  19. See the Aurora Borealis (Aug 2015 edit: another cliche, but I still want see ‘em)
  20. Cycle to my Mum’s house in France (July 2015)
  21. Go husky sledging
  22. Volunteer at an animal rescue centre
  23. Spend a night in a lighthouse
  24. Feature on BBC Woman’s Hour (June 2012)
  25. Go skinny dipping (Aug 2010)
  26. Travel down the west coast of USA to Baja California in a camper van (Aug 2015 edit: and hike some of the Pacific Crest Trail too!)
  27. Live in a house near the sea (July 2011: technically it’s a bungalow… )
  28. Swim the OSS Dart 10K (Aug 2015 edit: I tried to in Sept 2012 but had to pull out due to tonsillitis)
  29. Learn how to Lindy-hop
  30. Produce a piece of screen/lino-printed artwork (Jan 2011: ‘tis framed and hanging in our bathroom)
  31. Become a mummy to, at the very least, a cat and a dog
  32. Make something out of pottery
  33. Cycle from John O’Groats to Land’s End (Aug 2015 edit: I’d change this to cycle the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland)
  34. Complete ‘a photo a day for 365 days’ project
  35. Buy a camper van and use it to explore the UK, Ireland and Europe
  36. Complete a yoga teacher training course
  37. Sell my photos
  38. Watch Le Tour live in France
  39. Become a small business owner
  40. Own a Landrover Defender
  41. Grow my own veg (Aug 2015: toms, cucumbers and chillies currently ripening in the garden… )
  42. Visit Bhutan
  43. Hang Ten on a longboard
  44. Live abroad
  45. Treat my Mum to a holiday
  46. Own a Leica M series camera
  47. Complete an Ironman
  48. Cycle the Devon Coast-to-Coast (Aug 2015: unbelievably I still haven’t done this!)
  49. Have a professional pedicure (Aug 2011)
  50. Visit the Orkney Islands
  51. Canter on horseback along a deserted beach (Nov 2010: here’s proof)

2015 additions:

  1. Qualify as a Dog Training Instructor (will need to achieve #31 first!)
  2. Achieve a bike maintenance qualification
  3. Visit the Faroe Islands