Customer service is a tough industry to work in. It’s easy to see why: people rarely call a company to let them know they’re completely satisfied with the product and haven’t experienced any issues at all.

Customers tend to call when something goes wrong. The product/service they purchased is not up to their expectations, they have an issue with delivery, or they can’t find this or that piece of information on the company website/user manual. Or any other issue out of the thousands of things that can go wrong.

There’s a common denominator in all of those issues: a problem…

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is one of the loudest buzzwords of our century. Back in the 1990s, the term was mostly associated with blockbuster movies about robots trying to take over the world. Today, AI is a very promising tool to help make people’s lives easier. Or much more difficult.

Almost no segment of our lives is free of AI. Retail, sales, and customer service are just a few examples of business uses where AI is already a major player.

Not to mention our personal lives: in a decade where even Home Alone gets a Google makeover, you shouldn’t be…

Over the past few decades, crowdfunding became a very important phenomenon in fundraising. While it’s not exactly new (in fact, French philosopher Auguste Comte funded his work through an early form of crowdfunding in the 1850s), the internet allowed crowdfunding to reach new heights.

Today, anybody with an internet connection can support any cause, project, innovation, or business, regardless of their physical location. People in Japan may contribute to a business innovation in Brazil, while Indonesian movie-goers can have a say in which independent movie they want produced in the US.

In an ideal world, that would be enough. Unfortunately…

The countdown to tax season 2019 is over. The last week of January signalled the start of scrambling for lost invoices, deciphering tons of legalese with a dollop of financialese, and wondering about the difference between Forms 941 and 944.

This year, there are added insecurities. How does the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affect my taxes? How are we filing any taxes during a government shutdown?

Fear not. Tax season 2019, like all others, will come to an end. Here’s a survival guide with all the essential information you need in order to file your taxes.

The Schedule

Tax season 2109…

Big data has been one of major the business buzzwords for the past couple of years. The term refers to large volumes of information that are too big for traditional data management and storage.

What’s in Big Data?

Don’t think of big data as a mysterious clump of IT code. Instead, picture it as all kinds of information about your inventory, customers, industry, market trends, and much more. But not just a little information. It’s called big data for a reason.

Big data can tell you every single tiny detail about your business you never even dreamed of uncovering. For example, let’s look at…

Calling the winter holidays “holidays” is one of the biggest deceptions ever. Because who is on holiday? Not retailers, that’s for sure.

And judging from the tired, harassed faces of consumers, they’re not having the time of their lives either. In fact, many people find themselves stressed out from holiday shopping, end-of-year workload, and family visits.

Stress and overindulgence can even lead to a phenomenon researchers call “Merry Christmas Coronary and Happy New Year Heart Attack.” It seems that nobody really knows how to enjoy the holidays.

But while holiday shopping is nobody’s favorite pastime, the end-of-year shopping season is…

The US, Canada, and Mexico have officially signed the USMCA, a new agreement governing trade between the three countries.

Although agreement on the deal replacing NAFTA was reached back in October, the official signing had to wait 60 days until the US Congress had a chance to review the text.

The November 30th signing, which occurred on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, marks the last day in office of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Among other features, the new trade deal provides US farmers with greater access to the Canadian dairy market, and ensures that…

“woman sitting on sofa while using MacBook Pro” by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

Working nine-to-five is falling out of fashion. The future of work involves more flexibility and creativity, so it’s no wonder that the way we work must change as well. Instead of strict office jobs, remote work is becoming increasingly popular.

According to a recent survey published by CNBC, at least 70% of people worldwide work remotely at least one day per week. And they like it.

The State of Remote Work Report 2018, co-created by Hubstaff, Workfrom, and Buffer, found that 90% of remote workers are satisfied with their job and plan to continue working that way.

43% of those…

Lately, the acronym API has been featured in the spotlight a lot. Even people who have nothing to do with IT started casually mentioning APIs with knowing looks on their faces.

If you’ve been nodding along without any idea what those guys were talking about, here’s your chance to catch up.

API Explained

An application programming interface, or API, is a piece of software that connects other software, enabling them to communicate with each other.

Picture an API as the cable connecting your computer to the printer. Just like the cable that enables the words you typed into your computer to slide…

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to make your business look the part. Whatever products or services you’re selling, customers tend to expect at least some kind of commemoration of the incoming season in any store they walk into.

This doesn’t mean you have to announce Santa Claus’ imminent arrival in town every ten minutes, but make sure to feature a small percentage of seasonal decor and soundtrack in your store. Research shows that a minimal amount of seasonal music can help shoppers get in the mood. Emphasis on minimal here.

When it comes to decorations, most…

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