Working Out Alone

Thanks to my part-time job, I have a free membership at a pretty boujee gym near my house. However, I rarely use it. Perhaps it’s because I don’t like showing up at the gym when I’m not working.

(But it’s probably just because I’m lazy.)

When I was in elementary and middle school, I used to swim competitively. I was super fit, slayed the timed runs in gym class (then was annihilated by whatever sports we played after), and had muscles like nobody’s business. Once high school came around, all that came to an end so I could focus on my studies (I’m first-generation Asian-Canadian). In school I joined seasonal sport teams but their after-school practices didn’t match the intensity of swimming several kilometres a day. In the summer, I did blogilates and maintained my body.

Unfortunately, in grade 11 I got lazy. I didn’t join a single sports team and rarely did any blogilates workouts. I began to get out of breath by walking up the stairs. However, I also got two jobs. One as a piano teacher and one at the boujee gym I mentioned before.

I did a few hot yoga classes here and there, but other than that, I seldom walked through those doors for any reason other than to work. However, I recently went to the gym with my friends ~for fun~. It was an eye-opening experience. One of my friends, a non-member, judged me for not using my membership. And I realized she was right. My gym offered lots of equipment that was rarely in use when I went, nice (usually empty) studios, and a wide variety of group fitness classes.

This was two weeks ago. Last week I did a full-body workout (which was a total wakeup call), some hot yoga, and ended the week with blogilates when I didn’t feel like trekking to the gym.

But I’ve started to do some research.

This week, I’ve started following online fitness routines. Today I worked on core. In two days, I’m going to try out a strength training class. And eventually, I’ll buy another sports bra so I have more than two.

So here it is. The start of my fitness journey. Hopefully it lasts!

a little more about me:

I’m 18 years old, 5'5", and weigh around 115 lbs. I’m pretty skinny and you can see my ribs, but I also have belly fat and jiggly calves if positioned parallel to the ground. I can run maybe 2km without dying, and my arms can handle 10 lb weights at most. However, my legs are pretty strong and I can do maybe 50 deep squats before passing out. Maybe I’ll post a picture next time!