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Eating a snack or two in between meals not only helps to curb your hunger but it also leads to adding more weight. So why not opt instead for nutritional dishes that can help you to curb down frequent emotional hunger, while at the same time adding keeping check on your weight gain. Slide through these amazing healthy snacks for weight loss that you can try out instead.

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It has been studied that almonds when chewed thoroughly, causes a person to feel fuller longer compared to other nuts. So why not add some almonds to your healthy diet? They are better than the carb-filled snacks that you often munch on.

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According to studies, it has been found that when people simply ate grapefruits in each meal, they lost over three-and-a-half pounds over a period of three months. Besides, grapefruits lower your insulin level thus managing your appetite.


Chickpeas have a nutty flavor and a meaty texture. They are also plenty of satiating fiber. It’s best to add them to your pantry when you are trying to watch your weight. You can also try roasting them if you favor more of a crunchy snack.

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Easy to pop in, grapes make a snack that is sweeter to taste and savor. Besides, the amount of calorie intake is much low compared to other carb-rich snacks. So keep a bag full of these fruity carbohydrates instead. These will give you plenty of fruity indulgence and satisfaction.

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A chocolate a day is like getting a treat a day. But did you know that these chocolate indulgences can help you to shed some extra pounds? It’s best to try inserting them as healthy snacks for weight loss or desserts instead. If you are into the habit of having dessert at the end of your dinner, then add more chocolates to your dish instead of going for other beverages.

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Here is a fun fact about popcorns that you have or may not have known. They are high in fiber, to some extent in protein, but are low in fat. Hard to believe right? Here is a nutritional breakdown chart of popcorn that you so much love to chomp on:
 One ounce of air-popped popcorn has -

  • Four grams of fiber
  • Four grams of protein
  • One gram of fat
  • And 110 calories

So as you can see, the combination makes popcorns a power-packed snack.

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It’s true that you find snacks to be simply irresistible. But then try making your snacks count on the nutritional benefit. For example, choose a snack that is rich in both fiber and calcium.
 Here are some snacks that you can try out — a skim latte along with an apple or a cup of yogurt with a cup of mixed whole-grain cereal.

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A lot of what you choose as a snack depends on how you think wisely. If you are deprived of slumber, then go for snacks that are rich in carbs and a bit of protein. This combination in your diet can lead to increase in the tryptophan levels that will cause a person to sleep more soundly. Try a small bowl of oatmeal with sliced apple and a bit of peanut butter.

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