Torque Roadmap (2023)

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In this article, we’ll discuss what is on the horizon for Torque. You can browse the complete roadmap on Torque’s Notion page at this link.


Torque is a DeFi automation layer & wealth management protocol to unify the finest yield & loan opportunities under a single roof. Global savers may use Torque for daily passive income & to access one-click lines of credit.

For the last handful of months, we’ve designed, developed, & refined all aspects related to Torque — UI, smart contracts, funding, partners, etc.

The next phase consists of more refinement, but this time incorporating community feedback through our whitelisted testnet. Eligible participants will receive a privileged role in chat & custom prizes to be announced.

We’re going to release an article formally initiating our testnet, but if you want to get a jumpstart on it, head to the form & submit when complete.

Looking ahead

This approach to mainnet launch provides opportunity to the core team to set a strong foundation for Torque & enables the community to be involved in the refinement process. The goal is to deliver decentralized finance’s finest saving experience by unifying yield & loans under a single roof. It’s important to note that nobody else on the market does it quite like Torque.

Yield & loans remain standout use cases for cryptocurrency. Torque further enhances the experience by layering one-click automation on top to reduce complexity & increase users’ velocity. With Torque, you can take up to four loans in the same amount of time it would take competitors to deliver one.


Torque is designed for savers of all size. No matter if you’re a business man in San Francisco or a villager in East Africa, Torque’s transparent & unified financial tech remains at your fingertips. On-chain wealth management is a nascent niche, but its real-world benefits such as more economic rates, unmatched clarity, & flexible liquidity outweigh the costs associated.

“Financial freedom is less about financials & more about freedom” — Manoj Arora. For the last 80 years, blackbox wealth managers have dominated the fintech space. It’s time to change that. It’s time to put the power back into the hands of the people. No middlemen. No hidden fees. Only you, your assets, & open-source code on the blockchain. It’s true natural evolution.

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Torque enables self-driving money through vaults as a service for investors, institutions, and DAOs of all size. Torque is powered by $TORQ.

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