Torque: Unifying DeFi

2 min readApr 1


Unmatched transparency and truly personal autonomy in capital markets makes decentralized finance one of mankind’s most essential innovations.

Natural evolution

A plethora of yield and loan strategies exist across DeFi, however they remain fragmented and difficult to access unless you’re deeply involved in the space. Torque reduces this complexity through consolidation of the finest opportunities into a single middleware layer for global savers.

You can think of Torque conceptually like Betterment or Wealthfront, but built on radically-transformative technology with unparalleled UX.

There are trillions sitting in clandestine wealth management software and we firmly believe an enhanced offering such as Torque is well-positioned to migrate users from centralized platforms to the protocols of tomorrow.

At its core, Torque provides a trifecta of utility through daily compound yield, self-service lines of credit, and holistic analytics to paint a clear picture of future portfolio value for investors of all sizes.

Torque Overview

We’re especially grateful to be building in such a hostile environment because we are guided by the best motivation — truth. Open-source, fully-automated, and non-custodial protocols are nascent, but emerging like never before and Torque sits at the cutting-edge of this paradigm shift.

Stay tuned for our next article which details Torque’s launch roadmap, plans for the future, etc and we will see you on the other side (🔮, 🔮).

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Torque enables self-driving money through vaults as a service for investors, institutions, and DAOs of all size. Torque is powered by $TORQ.