My expectations of you as my colleague & co-worker

Alexander Torrenegra
Jan 15 · 5 min read

This post is for my professional colleagues and potential co-workers.

I look forward to our building great things together. You bring not only your skills and talents to our team but a unique personality. I see it as a privilege to be working with you and I’ll adapt my leadership style to accommodate your uniqueness. As we’re striving towards a common goal and will be working together closely, you’ll need to adapt as well. From my perspective, the following points are mission-critical:

  1. If anything is blocking you or your team or you find your work unfulfilling, let me know immediately.
  2. Do keep my strengths and weaknesses in mind. My strengths include ideation, command, execution, integrity, and perfectionism. Among my many weaknesses are a lack of empathy in some situations, a bad temper, and — inevitably — my perfectionism.
  3. When we’re making decisions, it’s okay to disagree. I expect you to speak your mind and contribute your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Once a decision has been made and we move into executing, however, I expect you to commit to that decision.
  4. To keep conversations fluent and our decisions prompt, either reply to or acknowledge my messages within 24 hours — excluding Sundays.
  5. I’d like you to be able to ‘unplug’ whenever you feel the need to do so. Just remember to let me know ahead of time if you’re taking days off and won’t be able to react within the timeframe above.
  6. If you’d like to meet for a chat, simply ask and I’ll share my calendar with you.
  7. Be on time for our meetings and let’s finish them on time too — including 25 and 55-minute meetings.
  8. When we meet, it’s okay to get emotional. As long as you remain respectful of others, I’ll accept you being emotional as a display of passion. I don’t see that as a sign of weakness.
  9. For the sake of efficiency, if you need to cancel or reschedule a meeting, please do so as far in advance as you can. Avoid canceling or rescheduling same-day meetings.
  10. Don’t decline a meeting invitation (unless you’re an optional attendee). Instead, contact me promptly via chat and let’s find a suitable time for all invitees.
  11. Make sure your contact number is listed on your Slack profile (including country code). When emergencies arise or we’re experiencing connectivity issues, being able to reach you via WhatsApp is important.
  12. You’re free to work from anywhere you like; I have no prescriptions in this regard. Just make sure your Internet connection is very good.
  13. When video conferencing, please enable your webcam; I find it impossible to converse with a void.
  14. For the sake of clarity and full comprehensibility when video conferencing, use a noise-canceling headset. I recommend this one and this one. Experience has taught me that using a headset is the least problematic for all parties concerned.
  15. Do keep in mind: if you copy me in any email exchange, the message is likely to go unread. If you want me to read your message, address it to me directly.
  16. When chatting, please be open to discussing the meaning of words. Semantics are important to me. My brain likes to think more literally and less figuratively.

I am committed to leading by example so while I have clear expectations of you, you’re equally entitled to have expectations of me. Thus, you may expect the following:

  • Opportunities to grow. Your personal and professional development is important to me.
  • Involvement. I value your comments and suggestions and will always be willing to listen to you.
  • I shall keep my commitments. I take great pride in this.
  • Consistency. I have an unshakable belief in equality and fairness and I will always be consistent in my approach to you.
  • Respect. Once earned, you can count on it.
  • Honesty. There is no other way.
  • Praise. When you go beyond my expectations.
  • Silence. When you simply meet my expectations.
  • Radical honesty. When you aren't meeting my expectations.
  • Periodic, candid, and constructive feedback. Success teaches us far less than making mistakes. I expect you to make them but the same mistake, only once. You will always know exactly how I feel about what you are doing and have done.
  • Recruiting help. When you're looking for new members for your team, I'll help you find, screen, and attract talent.

Mandatory reading and video material

Alignment is crucial for success so if you report to me, I’ll expect you to have read (or watched) all of these articles and videos within the first week of our working together. Many of the concepts addressed by them will be used in our daily conversations.

About strategy:

About leadership

Our frameworks:

About product

About pricing

About marketing:

About self-awareness:

About company culture:

About our industries:

About my background:

By the end of the first month, I’ll expect you to have read these books:

By the end of the second month, I’ll expect you to have read these books:

If any of the links don’t work, please let me know as soon as possible.

Thank you.

    Alexander Torrenegra

    Written by

    CEO of Torre. Co-founder of Bunny Studio, Voice123, and Emma, and Torrenegra Accelerator. 🦈 at Shark Tank Colombia. More about me:

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