Popcorn Time for your TV

Jul 18, 2014 · 2 min read

Popcorn Time popularity is a demonstration of the massive demand of what people really want. Bringing Torrent downloading to the masses, it has never been so easy to find and watch any movie or serie you want.

The sweet irony that people is actually willing to pay for this kind of content but given the fact that the movie industry has not been up to the challenge of providing the fans access to what they want, when, where, and how they want it (mostly because of the lawyers), fans have been able to innovate and solve the problem by themselves.

One of the keys of Popcorn Time success is a new implementation of the Torrent protocol called sequential download, allowing to start playing the movie almost instantly after starting the download.

Also, Popcorn Time's User Interface is nothing but beautiful and easy to use. Yet it still lacks some features that some users would like to have:

New Features:

  1. Be able to watch any movie directly in your living room TV
  2. Watch movies so new that are not yet been added to Popcorn Time.

Another remarkable thing about Popcorn Time is that it's Open Source, so everyone is permitted to study it's source code and learn from it, allowing any person like you and me to see it's internal working and innovate from it.

As predicted, Popcorn Time have been shut down and resurrected many times now, in a cat chasing mouse game where movie industry prefers to pay lawyers and stay in their comfort zone before learning any lesson or innovate whatsoever.

This kind of approach from the industry makes it hard for developers to innovate and create new things, so another feature is added to the list:

Additional Feature:

  1. Not to include a movie index in itself, so it cannot be taken down by MPAA.

So, using the very same technologies as Popcorn Time, (peerflix, torrent-stream, node-webkit) with some new ones (airplay2) and a little different approach in user experience, these features could be provided with a quite simple application.

The solution:

A desktop application in which you can drop any Magnet Link or .torrent file, and download it just like Popcorn Time does, but instead of playing it immediately in the computer, send it directly to your SmartTV or TV, in this case to any AppleTV using the Airplay protocol (hopefully also to Chromecast or Roku devices in the near future).

Source Code and Installers for Windows, Mac and Linux can be found at:



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    Stream Torrents to your AppleTV

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