The Internet Really Has Changed Everything. Here’s the Proof.
Rex Sorgatz

The internet has changed nothing. It’s one gynormous agglomeration of lowball crap. The real economy has literally marched in the opposite direction of the digital economy. Not only has the internet not created more jobs, it has made jobs redundant, and those jobs that are available have been outsourced to the 3rd world, or worse, third worldings are being driven in by limousine to come undercut US jobs under the rubric “we’re an immigrant nation”……. weeeeeeeeeeee. 92 million working-age Americans not working. Staggering number. Average US wages have marched completely opposite any growth in the digital economy. Stagnant for nearly 3 decades now. The few interweb “success” stories are lauded as if they represent success of the overall economy, but the generational decline of wealth in the US economy is staggering.

The signal to noise ratio online is horrific. Yet the overwhelming majority of users are so utterly lacking in critical thinking skills they can differentiate between neither, nor do they seem to care. The biggest star on Youtube is some Swedish meatball by the name of Pewdyepie, the spellling error is deliberate because even his name can’t jibe with proper pronunciation. This is a millenial hipster who has appropriated online English slang and amuses 20 million people daily with completely fatuous bubble-headed bullshit.

BUT, the Pewdyepie phenomenon belies a much more worrisome trend online, that is the cultural amalgamation of free expression. Independence of thought is being drowned out by retard memes, and becoming increasingly scarce. Worse, independent opinions are increasingly quashed by monolithic-thinking upvoters and trolls. “Debate,” as it used to be known is completely out of the question. Everything online is about generating viral memes, the dumber the more betterer. That was deliberate too. Pewdyepie is a perfect example of this cultural obliteration. Here’s an urban Swede hipster doing his level-best to be a cool-ass American shit-talker complete with the latest in hip cool jargon and urban American slang. Yukyukyuk.

The viewer numbers on sites that generate actual critical thought or present educated, thought-provoking debate are paper-thin, and when there is any attempt at “debate,” the poverty in the level of discourse is cringe-worthy. We have arrived at the Utopian wasteland. We’ve all been granted oceans of free time due to automation and our jobs being shipped overseas, and instead of elevating ourselves with higher discourse and pursuing greater truths, the overwhelming majority of us prefer to guffaw at the most lowbrow infantile content humanly imaginable.

Sure. The internet has changed things. We have the cumulative total of all human knowledge at our fingertips, and we choose for witless and vacuous cheap belly chuckles instead. What an achievement.