Wise words, wise suggestion coming from John F. Kennedy.

This is exactly how I feel about Ecuador’s current situation.

I’ve seen many despiteful comments everywhere, specially on social media.

I was amazed with all the negative feelings consuming my friends and acquaintances. At the beginning, I was confused but then I remember, I used to be like that.

A few months months ago, I was all about complaints, negativity, playing victim, judging, criticising, tagging, discriminating, blaming others and not taking responsibility for the events in my life.

I needed to go through a long and bumpy road in order to find inner peace and embrace mindfulness. Practicing self-observation, meditation and letting things go have been really helpful.

I’m glad my path hasn’t finished yet because I’m still learning — what a wonderful feeling.

Anyway, going back to the chaos on FB, one of my best friends wrote the following:

“I’ll keep posting mean things against the elected president and his political party because I didn’t vote for him and if you don’t like my comments then you can delete me from your contacts.”

Her friends applauded her action. But, I decided to send her a private message, and I’m sharing it with you because you are my friend, too.

“My dear friend, I respect you and love you as my sister. I’m asking you, please, don’t fall victim to the negative collective conciousness. Being full of hatred, resentment, frustration, impotence and violence won’t let us progress as individuals, nor as as country.”

“God is with us and we have to accept what’s coming because this is a learning experience. This is an opportunity for us to grow and evolve.”

“Criticising, complaining, being pessimistic, talking behind people’s back and turning yourself into a violent being won’t leave room for higher vibrations.”

“We’re not alone. Have faith. Let’s focus our beautiful energies on thinking positively, working hard and honestly and helping each other— let’s move on.”

“This is the best we can do for ourselves, our family and friends, our community and our beautiful country.”

I hope this resonates with you.