Amazonian Economics: What you need to know about the world’s most valued company
Gunther Sonnenfeld

Advertising can and must shift with the Amazonian Economics. We, the agencies, tend to chase the big companies not for the profit, but to attract talented minds, that in turn, deliver better creativity and boost the business as a whole with bigger profit and reliable income flow.

Small business on the other side struggle to deliver a coherent communication strategy, so they use more resources from the agency, therefore creating incentives not to service that market.

With the help of AI, the agency can bring business consultancy and creativity together, diminishing the cost for-and-to provide the service, so small businesses will be able to tap into the growth of the sector.

Also, the agency should collateralize the impact of the “marketing strategy”, linking the payment to ROI. If you do this just for one client is too risky, if you are able to deliver to a factor of clients, the agency is just creating a risk portfolio.

Thanks for a great piece of content. And greetings from Mexico, from an independent agency willing to go the whole nine yards into transforming an industry with no disruption in 4 decades.