The immediate transfer of information has been included n our daily routines as one of the most normal aspects of our work, in our houses, and in telecommunication services. But, this wasn’t always the case, on previous time the transfer of information was made with more “physical” and slow means.

Similarly, on present days we are experiencing the new technological revolution thanks to the blockchain. The transfer of value will be done in the near future as fast, as secure, and as economically as the transfer of information

BUMO is the best alternative to evolve towards ubiquitous and transparent value transferer network. BUMO have an excellent idea because they create a network where information can flow without obstacles using the smart devices that we use every day.

BUMO states that it is enough to have an intelligent device, user data, digital assets and IoT networks for a substantial development of both the platform and digital economic activity.

One of the most important features of BUMO is the transfer of ubiquitous value, and this is based on the fact that all assets, goods or services can be valued through tokens, thus generating a really impressive circulation of assets through transfers and distributions throughout the world.


One fundamental aspect of BUMO is it’s easy implementation, sometimes you can think that managing platforms with blockchain technologies are extremely difficult or with high implementation costs but with BUMO it is different. Generating a network where users can create applications with templates already predetermined by the platform. To make use of BUMO, it is not necessary to have a great knowledge about blockchain technology, only with identifying what is needed to then tokenize it to have the capability to transfer it everywhere at any time.

By having a lottery choice for the validation nodes, BUMO creates a fair mechanism whereby the blockchain can be updated in a decentralized manner on the many IoT devices that it expects to connect.


When talking about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, it is usually associated with mining processes. These mining processes are the algorithms used by the most popular cryptocurrencies, but they produce a centralization of mining power in the mining pools. With BUMO validation nodes are chosen with a random choice for validation nodes, boosting the feature of decentralization.


BUMO is really functional, any user who has a smart device can play an important role in BUMO, as the number of users increases, the network will have greater number of transactions, more assets and greater transparency as there will be more nodes for verification and development of operations. The nodes that are found on BUMO ae classified as follows:.

Node: is any device connected to a network.

Candidate nodes are nodes that through a process of an election are candidates to be part of the validation nodes.

Validation Nodes are the nodes responsible for resource management and accounting. These nodes receive a commission for each transaction made on the network.



BUMO owns its BU token with two APT and CTP token protocols. This token is used to denominate the costs (gas) that transacting of the network has. BU reflects the storage rates, which varies depending on the type of transaction and the size of the transaction. Similarly, BU includes the calculation fee; it is composed of the time it takes the transaction to comply with the contract requirements and the weight of the information provided to the network.

BU has the following characteristics:

  • VALUE OF THE TOKEN: Quantity of BU (fuel-supply) in the BUMO Network
  • GAS: Fuel to execute intelligent operations.
  • BOOK TENERURY PRIZE: It is the incentive (reward) for the validating nodes.
  • COMMUNITY INCENTIVE: is an incentive that is offered to developers to create the infrastructure of BUMO.


  • Act as a validating node and charge a transaction fee through gas.
  • Transferences between accounts in BUMO (purchase/sale)
  • Participation through donations in Ethereum to the developers of BUMO projects.
  • Participation in the development of the construction of the BUMO ecosystem./p>

BUMO also has a GAS adjustment algorithm. This algorithm is used to perform the rewards adjustments that are provided to the validation nodes by participant voting.

BUMO Virtual Machine is the place or file where intelligent contracts will be stored and developed. Similarly, in BuVM the users can find the different templates offered by the BUMO network for the creation of applications without the user having great knowledge of the various programming languages. BuContract is the tool that implements BUMO so that the programming languages are not a problem, the programming languages that will be used will be: Javascript, C, C ++, Python through WEBASSEMBLY. This alternative, that shows BUMO, allows users to feel comfortable in this network, in addition to leaving behind the investment and the time it takes to learn a good programming language. BUUM by BuContract may audit through a deposit which will be guarantor that the information provided by the user is true or not.


BUMO uses an oracle (BuOracle, BUMO Oracle), this tool is in charge of supplying the necessary data obtained through the intelligent contract for a transaction, by granting the corresponding value this information returns to BuVM. The improved consensus protocol of two Layers is one of the complements that BUMO manipulates since it allows a remarkable improvement in the transactions and the election of the validating nodes in a dynamic way. This algorithm is based on DPoS + BFT for multiple two-layer chains. BUMO implements the two-layer polymorphic architecture for a multi-child blockchain, which indicates that there will be a “main” chain and “secondary chains.” Wha will allow a series of advantages one of them is the transfer of value without limitations in all blockchain..



1. It encourages that the assets that are in the network this in constant movement. 2. New magnitudes of value for the users that interact in BUMO3. The intelligent value chain of IoT 4. The integration to BUMO of 45 billion smart devices. 5. Each device can generate data and these data associate value. 6. Exchange of data without the problem. Using the idea of a Universal Digital Book. 7. It will eliminate the fragmentation of information between devices. 8. It will eliminate the high maintenance costs of the network 9. It will be able to exert a great impact and generate enough confidence to believe in the network of nodes. 10. Move values through central technologies such as BU Firework, BU Orbits, BU Canal and BU CodeMach. .



Bruno is the new manager of a prestigious food franchise; his main goal is to create new food stores throughout the country. Bruno also has a big task, which is to implement blockchain technology in this food chain, since as you know, the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology advances with giant steps. Several months pass and Bruno manages to open several branches of this famous food chain, now Bruno handles a large amount of consumer data and this generates valuable information for any food franchise such as the tastes and preferences of their consumers at the moment to launch a new product. In the same way, Bruno implements a new delivery service in each franchise and with the support of the BUMO network each device that is used will serve as a node and will also provide important information and data. With each purchase made from an intelligent device, consumers will obtain a token and may apply to be validating nodes. Bruno with the help of BUMO has managed to satisfy the demands of the customers as well as the expectations of the company.


BUMO is a network based on the requirements that humanity needs today, since it allows quick access, without many resources and without rigorous procedures. BUMO through its ubiquitous value indicates that any good, service, asset or data have the corresponding value, which will allow greater transactions around the world. BUMO makes notable reference to the concept of decentralization since each device will be a node that through a selection process can validate the information and the value of each asset. BUMO shows the door to understand more easily the blockchain technology and the different programming languages. BUMO will be the new methodology to assign the corresponding value to any asset through an application. .



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